Aikewara injured at roadblock

Povos Indígenas no Brasil – ISA posted

Published on May 31, 2013

“The Aikewara (indigenous population of southeastern Pará) were a peaceful protest by stopping the flow on the BR-153, when this man deliberately threw the car over them, tapping into a trunk of chestnut tree that blocked the road. He claims that has not seen the trunk because it was night, and that was without brake.
However, this same man had, hours before, been barred on the same barrier … I know and saw was that this man, after crashing in the cones and rocks that hinted at the protest to more than 300 meters of the barrier, has accelerated his car and threw up of Indians who stood by.
What he didn’t count is that the chestnut tree trunk blocking the road was not as rotten as it seemed. With the shock, the guy hit the wheel and was withdrawn by the car itself (it was at this moment that recorded the video).
This same man, now threatens the Chief of Sororò village, demanding a compensation for accident, which the Indians pay the damage of your car and are blamed for failure. Claims that he suffered in the accident and nothing that all his injuries were caused by the Indians. I believe that he did not know who had been recorded after the accident … “via Orlando Calheiros

O homem que jogou o carro sobre os índios Aikewara

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