Indians announce exit of Belo Monte

June 3, 2013-19:50

About 140 indigenous people must go to Brasilia to negotiate with the Federal Government.


The Indians who still occupy the main construction site Office of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, 55 kilometers of Altamira (PA), promise to leave the premises on Tuesday, 4, to travel to Brasilia and meet with representatives of the federal Government, said today, 3, one of the leaders of the demonstration, Valdenir Munduruku.

“All we are going to leave the construction site tomorrow to talk to the federal Government, in Brasilia. Depending on the conversation, the replies of the Government, we will see what to do, “said Valdenir.

According to Valdenir, the Indians are negotiating with the Government lead to federal capital at least 140 of the 150 Indians who remain in Belo Monte Dam Site, occupied a week ago.

The air transport group will be paid for by the federal Government. The nominal relationship of the Indians, however, has not yet been delivered to the federal Government’s representative in Altamira, responsible for coordinating the trip.

According to Valdenir, if the Indians do not consider satisfactory the result of meeting with representatives of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic and the ministries of Justice and of Energy, mines and construction sites of Belo Monte will be busy in the coming days.

“We know that the main interest of the Government is to complete the works as soon as possible and that it hinders our position, but we hope that meets our demands. We want to leave the meeting with a good result, with concrete answers. Depending on the conversation, let’s go back to occupy, make another demonstration to continue fighting for our rights “, threatened to Valdenir, explaining that “another indigenous group that was about to travel to join the protesters occupying the site will be ready, waiting for the outcome of the meeting. ” As the decision we take, we can ask these people follow to Altamira”.

The meeting with the Indians was the way found by the federal Government to try to reduce the tension in the venture and to negotiate the evacuation of the building. Initially, the Indians demanded that a representative of the Executive branch was to negotiate the indigenous claims. The main one is the suspension of all hydropower projects in the Amazon until the process of prior consultation to traditional peoples as provided for in Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO), is regulated.

“We want to stop the studies and works until there is a complete survey of everything that is being done to only then discuss this regularization of the query. Prior to that, there are some things that are being made and that need to be corrected. In the area of Teles Pires are digging up the bones of our ancestors and any further action being taken, “said Valdenir.

with Brazil Agency information


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