CNBB defends demarcation

Secretary-General of the CNBB defends demarcation of indigenous lands in a meeting with Minister of the Civil House

Uploaded by: Administrator at 6/3/2013. Source: Media Advisory-Cimi                   



In press conference after meeting with the Minister for Civil Gleisi Hoffmann House, on Monday, 3, General Secretary National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) Bishop Leonardo Ulrich Steiner claimed to be of extreme importance the demarcation of lands as a way to ensure the rights of indigenous peoples. “We always are talking and we hope that Funai is not empty,” he said. 

Don Leonardo pointed out that the CNBB has always been against the suspension of the demarcations, as has happened in recent weeks in Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, by express order of the Minister Gleisi. Asked about the occupations of the indigenous in different regions of the country, he replied that the demonstrations come after years of indigenous peoples for their rights and emphasized the need of these people being reimbursed. 

The Minister of the Civil House, in turn, kept the speech he has made and emphasized that the demarcations are made with agribusiness representatives bodies, the judiciary, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office and the representatives of indigenous peoples. He pointed out that the Executive will act as judicial decisions. The natives do not accept such position of the Presidential Palace and in the South they locked highways in Rio Grande do Sul and occupied the headquarters of the PT in Curitiba (PR).    

The Secretary-General of the CNBB, who has starred in the Roman Catholic territorial Prelature of São Félix do Araguaia, Mato Grosso, asked for the Minister that the Executive scored a meeting and heard the indigenous peoples. During the Conference, Gleisi Hoffmann said he will attend to the request and that the negotiations on the demarcation process will be made until the end of the semester.



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