In a letter, Chief condemns invasion of squatters in the indigenous land of MT

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In a letter, Chief condemns invasion of squatters in the indigenous land of MT

Squatters returned Marãiwatsédé on Sunday denounces xavante leader. The document was circulated in this 2nd by the Indigenous Missionary Council.


Jamie Dióz             The G1 MT


Em carta, cacique clama por cumprimento de direitos indígenas em Marãiwatsédé (Foto: Cimi)
In a letter, Chief demands fulfillment of indigenous rights in Marãiwatsédé (photo: Cimi)

The Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi) released on Monday (3) letter signed by cacique Damião Paridzané, xavante community leader of the indigenous land Marãiwatsédé, denouncing that the squatters evicted from the reserve between the end of 2012 and January this year are invading the lands again, occupying the area of the former village called Posto da Mata (Center of the extinct district of  Estrela do Araguaia). National security force police were within the xavante village in the area, but still would not have been fired.

In the document for the Ccme, Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Presidency of the Republic, the xavante account leader that the squatters are “looking for confrontation between the Xavante and invasive” and requires compliance with effective judicial measure that drove the farmers of the area around 165 thousand hectares close to the municipality of Alto Boa Vista, the 1064 km from Cuiabá.

“We, xavante community of Marãiwatsédé, we have seen once again in this document claim our right threatened as the possession of our traditional territory. […] We demand the immediate invaders output [sic] of our traditional territory and have no right to remain in the area, this does not exist on the federal Constitution in Brazil “, writes Damian.


Location information are scarce due to the absence of telephone signal and difficult to access by land. Until the evening of Monday, the Federal Highway Police (PRF), whose nearest station is in the municipality of Água Boa (736 km from Cuiabá and about 320 miles of the indigenous area) not confirmed any incident in the region. The MPF, which defends the right of the Xavante people on the land in question, also has not yet manifested itself about the invasion reported, either the National Indian Foundation (Funai).

The invasion of indigenous lands was being carried out by about 400 people. One hundred of them were already, before Sunday, camped on the edge of the area. For days they reached the arming canvas tents and banners demanding inclusion in the agrarian reform program, which was promised by the federal Government during the explosion of enforcement that was formerly known as Glebe Johan Missú.


Confronto entre produtores e polícia em Maraiwatsede (Foto: Reprodução/TVCA)
Clashes between farmers and police during xavante land dump. (Photo: Reproduction/TVCA)

The report is one of the members of the xavante community that retook the lands of Marãiwatsédé this year, Aquilino t. Tsiruia. He talked with the story of the G1 phone on the afternoon of Monday (3) and told that the Indians are feeling intimidated in the village, located about 20 km from the point where the squatters camped on Sunday.

There are still some of the agents of the National Security Force which carried out the explosion in the area and protect the integrity of indigenous peoples, but they still would not have been fired to contain the invasion.

“We were very concerned about this initiative, calling people from other municipalities close to us,” said Tsiruia, according to which the squatters returned to the area aboard trucks that did not lead him to believe that they are of small farmers.

Squatters This is precisely the opposite of what the lawyer Luiz Alfredo Ferezin, which acts on behalf of the Association of producers of the gleba of Johan Missú (Aprosum) in an attempt to reverse, in the Federal Supreme Court (STF), the order of the explosion that dumped the occupants non-Indians of Marãiwatsédé.

Ferezin confirms the invasion reported by Chief Damian, but reported that the squatters back to Glebe are part of small farmers that occupied in good faith over the course of 20 years.

“The Incra (National Institute of colonization and agrarian reform) promised that he would be this. The federal Government promised worlds and backgrounds, but the staff is starving. Did a register of land reform for English see. the Government is at fault with that, there are more than 300 families of small producers, have a kid, “esbravejou Ferezin, have not encouraged, in no time, new invasion of Earth.

Marãiwatsédé Índios (Foto: Reprodução/TVCA)
Met from last year, a court decision returned land Xavante. (Photo: Reproduction/TVCA)

Indigenous land Located in the northeastern region of Mato Grosso, Marãiwatsédé is an indigenous land demarcation which date of 1992, but that was invaded by large and small rural producers who claimed to hold ownership over lots sold in the area.

A community was formed on the spot over the 20 years during which judicial process complex tramitou whose last offshoot was the explosion order determining the withdrawal of all non-Indians occupying last year and returning the land to the Xavante traditional occupants of the land, according to the Union, Funai and the MPF.

During the fulfillment of the order of eviction, with the help of the National Security Force, Federal Police and the Federal Highway police, the Government announced that it would be the squatters that they saw in landless condition after the withdrawal.

According to Incra on Monday, is the registration of families taken from Marãiwatsédé able to receive land through the land reform program. So far, 270 families are considered suitable, but the Court pointed out that many families do not fit in the profile required in screening and, therefore, were left out of the program.


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