Indian is shot in the area occupied by terena MS, Funai says

6/4/2013 7:15 pm -updated 6/4/2013 7:34 pm                            

Indian is shot in the area occupied by terena MS, Funai says

Entity States that victim was taken to hospital and is awaiting transfer. PF and lawyer of the farms say they were not notified of the fact.


The G1 MS


A native was hospitalized after being shot in the back on Tuesday (4), in the region of farms occupied by a group of terena in Sidrolândia, 70 km from Campo Grande, according to the National Indian Foundation (Funai) in Mato Grosso do Sul.

According to the entity, the victim was taken to the Hospital Charitable Society Dona Elmiria Seneviratne Barbosa and waits for vacancy in Campo Grande to be transferred.

According to the emergency room of the health unit, the patient has clinical State deemed to be serious.

The advice of the Federal Police says that the Corporation was not notified of the fact and States that only acts in conflict areas to determine Justice. The lawyer who represents the owners of occupied farms, Amarilha, Newley also says do not have information on the case.

The G1 tried to speak with someone in the Civil Police station of the city, but could not.

Fight for Earth

The conflict in the region of 15 day started in Sidrolândia may when the Buriti farm was occupied by terena. According to Funai, are at least six properties raided so far, the others being: Lindoia, Cambará, Santa Clara, San Sebastian and clear water.

The main claim of terena is an area whose demarcatório process has dragged on for 13 years.

On 30 may, the Indian Prince Gabriel, 36 years, died after fulfilment of writ of repossession. There was a confrontation between indigenous people and police officers. On Friday, the estate was again occupied by the terena.

After the episode, the Federal Court determined that Funai promotes peaceful exit of the indigenous of the properties under penalty of a fine of $ 1 million, in case of noncompliance. The advice of the Agency, in Brasilia, says that takes action to try to annul the decision.


The Indians occupying the farms say that remain in places, even with the court order.

“For us, this reintegration warrant has no validity”, told G1 the cacique Erciyes Reginaldo.

After the burial of Prince, many Indians cried and were nervous. Two of them came to rip a copy of repossession warrant, issued by the Federal Court.


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