The month in which celebrates “world day of biodiversity” is marked by the release of dams in the Pantanal

The month in which celebrates “world day of biodiversity” is marked by the release of dams in the Pantanal

Source: Communication Echoes in May 22, 2013

Foto: Telma Monteiro
Established by the UN (United Nations) to increase the awareness of people about the need to conserve and protect biological diversity, that is, the variety of life on the planet, the day May 22 is entitled as the International Biodiversity Day, whose theme this year is: “Water and Biodiversity”. However, researchers from Echoes believe that there is no reason to celebrate the date.

On May 3, the decision that prevented the construction of hydropower plants in the basin of Alto Paraguay (BAP), located in the Pantanal region, in the States of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul was overturned in court by judge Tina Ferreira, of the Federal Regional Court 3rd region (TRF3), in São Paulo.

The new hydroelectric licensing projects in the Pantanal were paralyzed in January this year, after justice welcome the request of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the State Public Ministry (MEP) of Mato Grosso do Sul, which concluded, based on dozens of documents, that the construction of dams in BAP will change the water systems and the natural organic operation around the wetland.
Vanessa Spacki, biologist, master in environmental conservation and sustainability by the Institute for ecological research and design consultant “extreme weather events mapping in the Pantanal”, executed by Echoes, asserts that the residents of the Pantanal regions of Barão do Melgaço and Cáceres, Mato Grosso (MT), already suffering from the impacts of dams.
“During the implementation of the questionnaire for the collection of data of the project, the residents of these two regions reported that after the installation of hydroelectric plants, the natural flood-pulse characteristic of the Pantanal – was changed, causing impacts on biodiversity in the region, affecting mainly fish and consequently the fishing activity, the Pantanal’s main income of many families,” said the biologist.


The theme “water” that marks the World Biodiversity Day coincides with the international year of water Cooperation, declared by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2010, in order to educate humanity on the problems, needs, and responsibilities of society with respect to water.
Coincidence or not, the fact these approaches the same topic has the objective of strengthening that there will be no prosperity if there is cooperation for sustainable water management involving factors and cultural, educational and scientific disciplines.
Vital to life on Earth and to human populations, the different water than many think, it is not an inexhaustible resource, so its use should be conscious and sustainable. Providing quality water for the needs of people is a major concern and a challenge to the countries.

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