Through delimitation of lands, Indians occupy the headquarters of PT in Paraná

6/3/2013 4:57 pm -updated 6/3/2013 05:03 pm               


Through delimitation of lands, Indians occupy the headquarters of PT in Paraná

The demonstration also occurred inside, with the lock BR-373. Take effect and Indians protests mark meeting with Ministers in Brasilia.


Bibiana Dionysus and Cassie Seghatti       The G1 PR


Cerca de 30 índios ficaram na sede do Diretório Estadual do PT, no Paraná, por oito horas nesta segunda-feira (3) (Foto: Reprodução/ RPC TV)
About 30 Indians were at the headquarters of the State Directory PT, in Paraná, for eight hours on Monday (3) (Photo: Reproduction/RPC TV)

The seat of the State Directory of the workers ‘ Party (PT), in Curitiba, was occupied by about 30 Indians on Monday (3). The Indians were in the directory for eight hours. In a statement, the PT said that the activities were suspended.
The prodding protest, since the Indians Paraná were meeting with Minister Chief of staff, Gleisi Hoffmann, and with the Minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, in Brasilia on Tuesday (11) at 3:0 pm.
The Indians are against the determination of the Minister Chief of staff, Gleisi Hoffmann, removing the power of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) to define what is an indigenous land. The Civil Cabinet asked the Ministry of justice the suspension of studies of Funai, on account of differences between the study presented by the organ and Embrapa.

The determination of the Government, according to the Civil House, is to listen to all organs involved in discussion on demarcation of indigenous lands in the country, particularly by involving conflicts of interest.

“Everybody was surprised with her speech. Has the State of Mato Grosso do Sul and Parana is equal. Here, at risk of repossession and may have a conflict with death as well. We want a solution, dialogue, planning and thinking in a way that is good for everyone, “said the cacique Cretã.
The determination of the Minister suspends the processing of boundary in processes 11. According to the Chief, currently there are indigenous 18,600 in Paraná and about 3,000 are housed, i.e. are not in an area recognized as indigenous. This group, said Cretã, waiting for the definition of these 11 cases.
“In Brazil everything is slow. Is historic. In the indigenous question is very slow, has been dragging on and it is not set. When it is not Government, it is the Minister or is the President not sign the approval. The Government has to put in the head and settle. Cannot get the pen and not ‘ canetiar ‘. The Minister has to get up and start to sign, give referrals to demarcation of land, ” said the Chief.
Inside, Indians blocked highways

The Indians also have mobilized in the interior of Paraná. In Chopin, in the southwest of the State, the Indians interceded two points of BR-373 during the morning and afternoon of Monday. According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), 441 and 460 KM have been blocked from 9:0 to 10:30 and 1:30 pm to 3:0 pm. During the protests, there were record two miles of queues.
According to the PRF, about 90 Indians participated in the protest in the colon. In one of them, they were shedding a trunk of a tree and the other a heavy machine. The police reported that protesters let pass only ambulances and people who had medical appointments scheduled.





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