The National Security Force (FNS) will be sent to the municipality of Sidrolândia

Another Indian terena is shot in Sidrolândia

June 5, 2013-00:45

The national security force will act in indigenous conflict in Mato Grosso do Sul, says Minister.

An Indian was shot yesterday afternoon, 4, in the region of farms occupied by a group of terenas in Sidrolândia, 70 kilometres from Campo Grande (MS).

The Indian ethnic Terena, Josiel Gabriel Alves, of 34 years, his Charitable Society Dona Elmiria Silverio Barbosa at 4:30 pm. Exams indicated that the bullet was lodged near the cervical spine, which determined their transfer to the Santa Casa de Campo Grande.

Mara Gonçalves, an official of the Charity Society said that the Indian out of the hospital, stable and talking, but not ruled out the possibility of sequels in the motor system.

The Santa Casa de Campo Grande confirmed that Alves gave conscious input, but not consulted on his State of health.

National security force

The National Security Force (FNS) will be sent to the municipality of Sidrolândia by determination of the Federal Government in order to avoid further conflicts in the region.

In total, 110 men of the National Force are being shifted to the region. They begin to be deployed at the end of the night, 4, by land, according to the Justice Minister, Jose Eduardo Cardozo (pictured).

Another part of the troop will follow on Wednesday, airline, 5. In addition to sending the National Force, Cardozo said that the effective Federal Police will be expanded in the State due to conflict escalation.

“The Governor Puccinelli asked the Ministry of Justice, the National Security Force, so that we can act in Sidrolândia aimed at the elevation of conflict this afternoon. The request has arrived and we dealt “. Today, the Government received information that another was shot in conflict with indigenous farmers in Sidrolândia.

On Thursday, 6, the Government will receive the natives in a meeting at the Ministry of Justice in order to try to negotiate an agreement for the peaceful evacuation of the area.

In Mato Grosso do Sul, the National Security Force will be submitted to the command of the military police and the State Security Department, according to Cardozo. The situation will not prevent, for example, that the troop to act on farm eviction, if the Court determines that the task to be fulfilled by the State police forces. “The Security Secretary of Mato Grosso do Sul will determine the role that will have the National Security Force. From there what we do is a contribution to the State Government, the command is in the State, “he said. According to the Minister, the National Force will remain in the State for the time it is needed “.

Despite the escalation of tensions, Cardozo hopes that the conflicts are resolved without use of violence. “The Government hopes the understanding, makes an appeal to all the parties involved in the conflict, in which nobody will be able to satisfy right conflicts intensify, using violence, this is not the way. Violence is not the way to solve the conflict. We appeal to the leaders of all involved that make a Pact, does not fall into violence “.

with Brazil Agency information


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