‘ We go to dialogue ‘, says Cardozo on farm eviction

6/5/2013 10:54 -updated 6/5/2013 10:58               

‘ We go to dialogue ‘, says Cardozo on farm eviction

Minister of Justice is in MS for repossession. National force and teams of PF will accompany vacating the area.


The G1 MS

Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo landed on Air Base (photo: Donna Marie MS/G1)

The Minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, said that the intention is to try dialogue to eviction of Buriti farm in Sidrolândia, invaded by terena Indians. Cardozo arrived this morning to Campo Grande and will fly over the area of the rural property. The repossession will be accompanied by 110 members of National Strength and 100 federal police.

“We are going to dialogue, we’re going to talk, without exaltation,” said Cardozo. According to the Minister, this was the guidance of President Dilma Rousseff (PMDB). “We have come here to dialogue and gather forces, is not violently to resolve conflict situations, on the contrary, it harms atrapalha”.

The Minister said he came to the State for a mission. “Not only assist the State Government in what is necessary for maintaining public order, as well as dialogue with the leaders of all sides; conflict, violence, does not generate result to nowhere “.

Cardozo said that tomorrow will meet with members of the national justice Council (CNJ), National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP) and party leaders. “We will discuss the agrarian conflicts peacefully”.

According to the Ministry’s advice, he will fly over the region in Sidrolândia, then, must grant interview in the governorate of the State, in Campo Grande. It should stay in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul until 1:0 pm.

On Tuesday (4), the Minister announced the sending of members of the National Force to assist in the action, which should be made peacefully by the National Indian Foundation (Funai), as determined by the Federal Court. The request for the men was made by the State Governor André Puccinelli (PMDB). In total, 110 members of National Strength and 100 federal police will assist in the work. The rest of the group follows for bus and plane Sidrolândia.
Earlier, a plane with about 50 members of the National Force landed in Campo Grande Air Base, part of the group that will enhance safety during the eviction action.
According to the Minister, in an interview on Tuesday (4), there is no deadline set for performance of National Strength in the region. “they will stay as long as necessary”.
Conflict On Tuesday evening (4), an Indian terena was wounded with a bullet in the back, near the farm São Sebastião, in Sidrolândia. The man, 34, was transferred to the Santa Casa de Campo Grande and is in an emergency. Until yesterday, according to the hospital’s advice, he was conscious and oriented, but the situation requires care, because the bullet is lodged in the cervical spine.
On May 30, the terena Indian Prince Gabriel died in confrontation with the police, during the repossession of the farm. The area was retaken by the terena Indians.

Members of the National Force arrive in Campo Grande (photo: Donna Marie MS/G1)

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