Ruralists Threaten Indigenous

NOTE ~The Government did in fact create this situation when enticed and allowed the purchase of the Indigenous Territories. Standard policy of land demarcations have been ignored and approved, in waiting for “final signature” thus the current conflicts…




‘ We’re talking about an imminent massacre ‘, says leading producers of MS


The tension between Indians and farmers in Mato Grosso do Sul, which has already resulted in one dead and another injured, Indian can get even worse, according to a representative of the farmers.

“We’re talking about an imminent massacre. We have producers who refuse [to leave their properties] and are armed, “he told Folha on Tuesday (4) Francisco Maia, President of Acrissul (Association of Breeders of Mato Grosso do Sul) and Fenapec (national front of Livestock). “More people will die,” said Maia. “Will get more blood.”

The Minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, and members of the National Security Force arrived in Campo Grande (MS) on the morning of Wednesday (5) to monitor the implementation of the order of repossession of Buriti farm in Sidrolândia (72 km from the capital), invaded by terena Indians.

Last Thursday (30), the terena Indian Oziel Gabriel, 35, was killed with a shot in the abdomen during the first attempt of repossession in the same farm.

Buriti farm area and other properties are in intermediate process of demarcation as indigenous land. The Indians invaded part of them for reivindidar the federal Government’s agility.

The tension in the region increased after the Gabriel Alves, 34  Indian, also ethnic terena, being shot in the back yesterday at fazenda São Sebastião, which is next to the farm Buriti. He was the group that invaded the property yesterday.

Read excerpts from the interview with Francisco Maia, President of Acrissul:


Sheet-from when MS producers face problem with indigenous land?

Francisco Maia -15 years Ago. The Constitution (1988) established a period of five years for the demarcation of such lands [indigenous]. Things happened and they [the Indians] continued advancing and always intending to larger areas than  possible and reasonable. Funai claims [National Indian Foundation] have no basement, no more consistent than the appropriate study.

In the most noble, the most fertile land in the State intended [demarcate] more than 500 thousand hectares of land. The claims are all on top of areas in physical form. We have no problems of excess land or land grabs. All lands are writ, with Scripture.

This is an issue which today has lost control. With the recent events, we live in a State where you don’t have the rule of  law to be followed and respected, where laws are not enforced and are using the Indian Act adopted by them. They tear through repossession lawsuit, the Federal Police go there and does repossession. We live in a chaos in the area of conflict.

Sending national troops would not only be a palliative measure?

We have to solve an immediate emergency issue. Producers have their cattle, their wealth. Are being driven from their farms without having no power of reaction and we are in a situation of armed conflict because some producers who are armed in their properties, will not quit and will face the Indians.

Will have armed resistance. That’s what happened, he died an Indian, can be very close to what it announces. More people will die. The indigenous question itself will be discussed in a more wide. I believe that this will only go down when the Congress take the steps that have to be taken.

You bet in Congress [to solve the solution]?

Who is going to have to get in on this chart is the National Congress because the Government lost the hand. It seems that the Government has lost authority. This is a very serious problem. We’re talking about an imminent massacre that may exist.

Last year the situation here seems to have been more tense in MS. what happened?

It seems to Me that is an ideological vision orchestrated. The Federal Police said that, when he was trying to the repossession, found no Indians wanting to land. Found a militia organized, armed and fighting with their own Federal and State Police [PM]. The issue is serious. There is no rule of law. This is a mess. Is a tragedy.

Came to Brasilia to tell the federal Government that will have more blood. Many farmers are resisting. And we, rural producers, we must not allow our properties to be invaded without defend Earth. Since the State does not advocate, who will have to defend? Are the owners. Unfortunately, this is the situation.

The media has been biased in this coverage? What one has to understand is that we, rural producers, we understand that there is a debt of Brazilian society with the Indians. But debt that cannot be paid only by the rural sector.

Why not create a National Fund in which each Brazilian contributes with this question? Will leave only the producer that already produces with sacrifice, that their production is not valued or recognized, selling cheap food to the entire country, leads the country in the back at this stage of the economy? On top of this is he who has to solve the problem, if it is a victim as well as the Indians?

The company had to see this issue from both sides. When the media shows a naked, crying, indiozinho on a photograph that raises awareness, he can see that the other side has a small producer with the “filhozinho” naked, crying and that has as much suffering as he [the Indian].



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