Government Forum to resolve the indigenous question in Sidrolândia

Government Forum to resolve the indigenous question in Sidrolândia

6/6/2013-10:52 pm

Marcelo Brandão Brazil Agency reporter

Brasilia-the Minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, reported late on Thursday (6) that a forum should be created to negotiate the land occupied by indigenous peoples in Mato Grosso do Sul . At the Forum, representatives of the Indians, of the farmers and the Government will try to reach an agreement for the deadlock in Buritis Farm.

“It is intended to create a forum for negotiation in which the federal Government will be present. I will propose to the State Government, the judiciary and the representatives of the two sides to discuss and reach an agreement on how we can resolve this conflict. “

The Government’s proposal was presented at a meeting of three hours, in the Ministry of Justice. At the meeting were, in addition to Cardozo, the Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Gilberto Carvalho; the Attorney General, Luis Inacio Adams; the subprocuradora-General of the Republic, Gilda Carvalho; In addition to about 60 ethnic Indians Terena and its leaders. The Forum must be initiated within 15 days and it is expected that negotiations will last up to two days.

The terena Indian Antônio Aparecido, who attended the meeting with the Government, betting on the success of the Forum. “For us it is a positive point [the Government proposal], although several audiences. Once more we believe in Justice so that it can be sped up as soon as possible “.

Cardozo emphasized that the way out of the impasse must be a peaceful solution. “I made it clear that there is no possibility to sit down to negotiate as long as there are conflicts in the way it is. Those who think that solves the problem of radicalisation with indigenous question are wrong “.

Before the meeting, the weather was of expectation on the part of the Indians, who occupied an auditorium in the Ministry. The Joint Coordinator of the indigenous peoples of Brazil, Lindomar Terena, was disappointed with the way the Government conducting the relationship with the Indians.

“Since the President Dilma assumed, the indigenous movement has not been received by it. On the other hand, the rural bench was met five times in the last month. This clearly shows the hand that the federal Government chose to be “.

Elisur Gabriel, brother of Oziel Gabriel, died May 30, was in Brasilia and has shown concern with the presence of National Strength in Sidrolândia. “I don’t have the habit to live with police armed to the teeth. I feel scared. After the police killed my brother, I’m more afraid of the police, especially in the armed forces “.

Editing: Fabio Massalli


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