Indians complain of slander and criminal notification protocols against Minister Gilberto Carvalho


Indians complain of slander and criminal notification protocols against Minister Gilberto Carvalho

Mundurukus claim that note of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, leadership is defamatory and disqualifies deepens prejudice in Brazil. The Ministry does not comment

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Protesto em frente ao Palácio do Planalto, em Brasília. Fotos: Ruy Sposati    


Leaders and indigenous ethnic bosses munduruku, residents in affected areas and threatened by the construction of dams on the rivers Tapajós (PA) and Teles Pires (MT), an interpellation against criminal protocolaram the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic (SGPR), Gilberto Carvalho, alleging the crime of slander and defamation. The Reporter Brazil tried to listen to the SGPR on the representation, but did not return until the closing.

The Indians complain of Note released to the press on May 6, in which the General Secretariat States that the “alleged Munduruku leaders have made contradictory proposals and if conducted without honesty necessary to any negotiation”, and that “some Munduruku don’t want no development in their region because they are involved with the illegal gold mining in the Tapajos and tributaries. One of the main spokesmen of the invaders in Belo Monte is owner of six ferries illegal mining “.

Munduruku Veldenir, one of the leaders of the indigenous group, says that the accusations are unfounded. “On that note Gilberto Carvalho disregards the caciques and our leaders, denigrates our image and makes accusations untrue. He says that one of our leaders owns rafts of illegal mining, which is a lie. With this he tries to delegitimize us, divide the indigenous people, say that we have no word. This coming from a Minister is very serious “.

The Criminal Judicial Interpretation, filed in the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ), is, according to the document, a “preparatory measure further Criminal Action in the face of the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic Gilberto Carvalho because of slanderous and defamatory, disparaging statements made against the Munduruku Indian People”. The document demands that the Minister “1. submit, within the time limit set by law, the name of the indigenous leaders run their offenses contained in the letter of Clarification posted on the website of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, so that they have the opportunity to sue you civilly and criminal. 2. to inform the President of the Republic endorsed Dilma Rousseff the unfortunate letter or advise if the same content is your sole responsibility. 3. That nomine what are your advisors directly involved in the preparation and publication of the letter. ” (click here to read the complete question)


According to Sergio Martins, one of the lawyers in the process, the Minister of the Special Court of the Supreme Court, Napoleon Nunes Maia Filho, who received the action, must notify Ch to elaborate on the charges. Until the early afternoon this Friday (7), this had not happened. Later, the indigenous study enter criminal complaint against the Minister of SGPR. “We believe that the note of SGPR caused a grave injury to the image of indigenous people for his defamatory character. Thus, observations from a Government Ministry, deepens even more prejudice against indigenous peoples and their struggles for rights, “said Malik.

Dialogue strained

The munduruku represent most of the indigenous group he held twice in may, the main construction of Belo Monte, to demand the indigenous consultations (provided for in the Federal Constitution and in the Convention 169 of the International Labour Organisation) in the rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires.


In early June, the SGPR proposed to hold new rounds of talks in Brasilia for Belo Monte was unoccupied. On day 3, in a meeting with the protesters ruled out any negotiation on the Oak Belo Monte, but proposed opening of dialogue to the Tapajós Indians.

Dissatisfied with the result, the Group decided to remain in the capital and demanded the Government position on the character of the consultations – whether or not binding, that is, if the indigenous ‘ decision on the construction of power plants will be respected. On Thursday, 6, the Government published another note on the website of SGPR, reaffirming the obligation of consultation by the Government, but not defining details of his power of veto or not.

“Not yet received this response,” said Veldenir in this Friday, 7. “Government officials Yesterday tried to deliver a document while we were doing a demonstration, but we want the answer to be given the official all our people in a meeting with the Minister,” said the Indian leader.



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