National force should enter into the area occupied by Indians in MS on Friday


National force should enter into the area occupied by Indians in MS on Friday

Deadline was set at a meeting with indigenous líderanças in Sidrolândia. Goal is to pacify the region and to ensure security, Commander says.


Anna Quadri   The G1 MS in Sidrolândia


Meeting between ethnic Indians terena and the National Security Force was held on Thursday (6), in Sidrolândia (photo: Anna Quadri/G1 MS)

National security force men should enter the area occupied by ethnic Indians terena in Sidrolândia, 70 km from Campo Grande, in this Friday morning (7). The troop commander in Mato Grosso do Sul, major Fernando Luiz Alves, said the forecast is that the operation, called Unati Vapeia Neun-Peace in the field, beginning at around 7:0 (MS, 8:0 in Brasilia), but pointed out that still waits for the provision of logistics required for the action, which will be made possible by the State Government.

The Ordinance establishes permanence of Strength 30 national days (photo: Donna Marie/G1)

The National Force in the region was decided after meeting between indigenous leaders, representatives of the Federal public Mystery (MPF/MS), the National Indian Foundation (Funai), Military police and the national force, held on the afternoon of Thursday (6), in the municipality. The meeting ended at about 5:0 pm and the Indians announced they accepted the presence of the military in the area.

According to Acharya, 110 men will do the patrolling, during 12:0 am, on the roads that give access to the occupied farms in the region. The action will feature magazines and approaches. The military that make up the troop working in Golden bases, San Diego and also. They will have 16 cars.
“We’re not going to make repossession. The goal is to pacify the area. Let’s make peace, work to ensure the safety of Indians and producers, “said major to G1.

Terena leaders meeting in this partciparam afternoon (photo: Anna Quadri/G1 MS)

Blue Water village leadership, Jânio Reginaldo told G1 that National forces in the area can give more security to the Indians.

“For us it’s good. We have many people in the community who are going to College and school at night. We also have brothers that work, “he said.
In relation to the permanence of the indigenous in the properties occupied, the leader stated that nothing will change. “We will continue in the area because that’s where we already were. And we will wait for the decision of Justice “.


This fifth edition was published in the Diário Oficial da União the Ordinance establishing the permanence of the National Force in Sidrolândia and also in Aquidauana, where the Hope farm is occupied by terenas. The order, signed by Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo, fixed period of 30 days, which may be extended.
The publication also States that the Corporation’s presence in the region will be episodic character and designed to “preserve public order, the safety of people and property, to protect the physical integrity of all involved in conflicts within rural properties intrusion”.
Still according to the Ordinance, the operation will have logistical support and supervision of Public security organs of the State.
Also suspension

In the fourth (5), the Federal Regional Court 3rd region (TRF), decided to suspend the repossession order, accepting an appeal from the Attorney General of the Union (AGU), done by the Attorney of the National Indian Foundation (Funai).
The decision, in an injunction, Judge José Lunardelli and, according to the President of the Federal Judges Association of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, Paulo Cezar Neves Junior, will still be judged by the first Chamber of the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL.
In the repossession of the Buriti farm, which took place on May 30, the terena Indian Oziel Gabriel died shot. The Indians came out, but returned a day later.


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