Police prevents indigenous to deliver letter to Rousseff at Palácio do Planalto

Police prevents indigenous to deliver letter to Rousseff at Palácio do Planalto

June 6, 2013-18:15 — Marcelo


Ruy Sposati

Brasilia (DF)

About 150 people tried to enter at the Presidential Palace, seat of the federal Government in Brasilia, to deliver a letter to the President of the Republic Dilma Rousseff, but were prevented by police. At least 50 police men, Federal Police and military police forced the group with violence outside the Government House. The Indians, who remained for three hours at the entrance of the Palace, protesting against the violation of rights promoted by large hydropower projects in the Amazon.

Indígenous Munduruku, Xipaya, Arara and Kayapó who occupied for 17 days the main construction of Belo Monte came to Brasilia last Tuesday, when met with several representatives of the federal Government. “We were very unhappy. We don’t like anything, “says Warrior Adalto Munduruku , referring to the statement by the Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Gilberto Carvalho, that will be built all hydropower plants planned by the Government in the indigenous lands of the rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires.

“We now want to know if the Government will guarantee or not our power of veto in the query. This is what matters for us “, guarantees the indigenous. The group demand cessation of the works of Belo Monte dams and Teles Pires and the suspension of studies of dams, hydroelectric complex until, in all cases, prior consultation is carried out with the right to veto. The Government refused to receive them. The representative of the Secretary General, James Garcia, was spot on, but it’s not there with the natives.

Even in the morning, the Group met with a group of indigenous Terena, also with 50 agenda in Brasilia with the Minister Gilberto Carvalho on the afternoon of Thursday. In the afternoon, the indigenous protocolaram letter refused on the Plateau at the Office of the Presidency of the Senate and the House, reaffirming the position of the indigenous construction of hydroelectric power plants in three rivers.


Indígenous Xipaya participating protests in Brasilia today protocolaram in the National Indian Foundation (Funai) a document denouncing the “Oblivion” Xipaya indigenous land of Jericoá in the scope of the constraints of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant. They charge the indigenous body the creation of a working group to carry out the demarcation work in the area, located in the Volta Grande do Xingu, the main stretch of the river affected by the dam.



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