‘ They killed our brother, but not his ideas ‘, say Indians Family

‘ They killed our brother, but not his ideas ‘, say Indians Family blames police for death of Prince Gabriel on farm in MS and says he is ready to meet new threats; on Thursday, the Group discussed the situation with Ministers June 7, 2013 | 9:35

  John Bosco L and Lucas Vidigal-especially for the State Bijan and Prince Gabriel brothers are Elisur, terena tribe Indian killed in confrontation with police officers who meet the Buriti Farm eviction order in Sidrolândia (MS), last week. They accuse the truculence of the police of causing the death of brother, shot in the chest. “They came shooting at people with lethal weapons,” says Bijan. Disgusted, the Indians set fire to the headquarters of the farm. “Was the response that we had, the way to express our anger,” Elisur vents. Both arrived in Brasilia on the morning of Thursday, 6, to negotiate with the Government.

Elisur (à esq.) e Deones antes da reunião com o ministro da Justiça – André Dusek/AE André Dusek/AEElisur (on the left) and Bijan before the meeting with the Minister of Justice

According to the natives, the situation in Buriti Farm is of extreme tension. New conflicts may arise at any time, which leaves the grieving community. Bijan says that has seen farmers in the farm with firearms around the village. “Our families are afraid, but the Warriors cannot fear. If you do not fight, who will fight for us? “

The tribe has little hope of progress in negotiations with the Government. Lindomar Terena, Coordinator of the joint of the indigenous peoples of Brazil (Apib), accuses the President Dilma Rousseff of favoring the “ruralists”. “Were five meetings with farmers and only one with the Indians. You can see which side she chose, “she comments.

Oziel’s death ended the relationship between Indians and farmers, before. Also increased the willingness of terenas in claim 17 thousand hectares of Buriti. “Now, regardless of the decision of Justice, we will fight for our land,” says Bijan. The complete Elisur brother: “a warrior died, but the struggle continues”.

After the three and a half hours meeting with the Indians in the fifth, Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo, announced the creation of a forum to discuss the issue. Cardozo said there was “agreement” and that the Government made a commitment to “rigorous and impartial investigation” of the death of Oziel.


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