6/13/2012 More than 500 Indians were killed since 2003 in Brazil


More than 500 Indians were killed since 2003 in Brazil, Cimi In 2011, were murdered indigenous 51; MS focus 62% of the cases. Deaths have as main cause land dispute, says organ of the Brazilian Bishops. Mariana Oliveira Do G1, in Brasilia indigenous missionary Council survey (Cimi), an agency of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), indicates that since 2003 more than 500 Indians were murdered in the country. Only last year were 51 cases, the equivalent to the death of an indigenous per week. Compared to the previous year, there was a reduction in the number of Indians killed-had been 60 cases in 2010.
The data are part of the annual report on violence against indigenous peoples in Brazil that will be released this Wednesday morning (13) by the Ccme. On the day that will open the Conference on sustainable development, Rio + 20, in Rio de Janeiro, the data indicate growth of environmental damage in indigenous lands.
Of the 51 killed last year, 41 were men, says the report from Ccme. Among the 51 victims were still under the age of 18 years four-one of them a 9-month baby died stabbed in November last year in the midst of a discussion in the village of Santa Helena de Minas (MG). Of the cases pointed to by the indigenous Council and registered in 2011, in 28 cases the death occurred due to the use of bladed weapons such as machetes or scythes. Were 15 murders with firearms and five bottlenecks. According to the report, “19 killings were result of fights, and in 13 cases there was consumption or alcohol abuse as a facilitator”.
Murders of Indigenous People State 2011 Indians in Mato Grosso do Sul Deaths Guarani-Kaiowá, Terena, Guarani Nhandeva and Ofayé-Xavante 32 Pataxó 5 Pernambuco Bahia Alagoas Katokim 2 3 Maranhão Xukuru Kanela and Timbira 2 Minas Gerais Maxakali 2 Rio g. do Sul 2 Acre Poyanawa Kaingang people 1 Para Tocantins 1 1 Karaja Guajajara Total of 51 victims source: annual report on violence against indigenous peoples-CIMI according the Ccme”the internal violence, practiced among indigenous peoples and the external, committed against leaders, families, communities and the people in the State have as main cause the land issue”. For the organ, the Government needs to take action to accelerate the demarcations of Indian lands.
The report also criticizes the slowness of the judiciary “to recognize the right of indigenous peoples” that “greatly contributes to the perpetuation of the invasions of indigenous lands in the country.”
According to data of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), the Census carried out by the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE) in 2010 identified 817 thousand people that declare indigenous Brazil, 0.42% of the total Brazilian population.
The State with the largest number of Indians is the Amazon, with 168 thousand Indians. The State where the indigenous population has the highest percentage within the territory in comparison with the general population is Roraima, with 11% of the total population of the State.
Mato Grosso do Sul, Yet as the report, the State of Mato Grosso do Sul is the that more registers cases of deaths among Indians. Last year, 62% of the country’s Indians were killed in the State. 32 people were killed. In addition to the cases registered, the Cimi recorded 27 still attempts to murder.
“With a homicide rate of 100 per 100 thousand people, greater than that of Iraq, and four times higher than the national rate, the Guarani Kaiowá, and people of Mato Grosso do Sul, faces a real war against agribusiness”, says the report from Ccme.
Learn more ‘ Our grandchildren will not shed blood for this fight, ‘ says cacique in Bahia Funai warns of genocide risk of isolated Indians in Acre Cimi denounces death of Indian isolated from 8 years by loggers in Maranhão Understand the conflict between natives and farmers in Mato Grosso do Sul Suicides the Cimi also reveals concern with the amount of suicides among indigenous peoples. In 2011, according to the report, there were 26 cases. The numbers are “alarming”, indicates the organ.
“A person has ingested poison, 20 people hanged him and in 5 cases there was no info on the means employed. Calls attention to the fact that the suicide involved, above all, young people and even very young. Of the victims, 6 were smaller, with a concentration of cases in the range of 15 to 19 years, with 6 victims “, indicates the report.
In addition to homicides and suicides, the Ccme also that were registered last year 12 cases of deaths by trampling. “Points out the high number of occurrences in the State of Paraná, with four cases registered in 2011”, says the text.
Invasions Still according to the report, last year increased the number of cases of indigenous land invasions and illegal exploitation of natural resources in these locations. Were 42 cases in 2011 against 33 last year.
According to the document, infrastructure works and deforestation caused by squatters and loggers are among the main causes of environmental damage.
The document states that the “slow” by the federal Government for the demarcation and approval of indigenous lands exposes territories.

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