Meeting in Brasilia Ministers propose the Terena leadership forum to discuss demarcation of lands in MS

Meeting in Brasilia Ministers propose the Terena leadership forum to discuss demarcation of lands in MS
By Renato Santana, Brasilia (DF)
The Ministers of Justice Jose Eduardo Cardozo and the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic Gilberto Carvalho proposed about 50 leaders, during Terena meeting in Brasilia, on Thursday, 6, the creation of a forum for discussion and agreement around the boundary issues of indigenous lands “. The delegation returned to the Mato Grosso do Sul yet last night.
“Are insisting with the view to change the schema of demarcation. We show to the Ministers who do not need this, just publish the declaratory gatehouses. The Cardozo told us that if you do will be pressured, “said Lindomar Terena. For the leadership, the Government “kills the indigenous peoples at the tip of the pen”.
In accordance with the proposal made by Cardozo and oak, made official in a statement, the Forum will be installed in 15 days, in which government representatives will go to Mato Grosso do Sul start work. Will be part of the group the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP), National Council of Justice, the federal and State Governments, farmers and indigenous people.
The Forum is far from the resolution that they expected the leaders to the Terena for land rights. Other initiatives drowned before they even show any results, remember. A week ago, representative of the CNJ mediated discussion between farmers and Indians in the capital Campo Grande.
At the time, Saturday, 1, was given 15 days: truce would not resume of traditional lands and incidents farms would-be owners would come not with repossession orders in areas occupied by Terena. On Sunday night, was dispatched to repossession Buriti farm, where Prince Gabriel Terena was killed by police on May 30.
“So so over this forum and now the Government proposes another. If there are studies that show that the lands are Terena, what else discuss beyond the withdrawal of the invaders? “he asked Chief Antonio Aparecido Terena, Middle Creek Community, indigenous land Buriti. The leadership explained that of the 33 farms installed within the Earth, only eight are in possession of the farmers.
On the death of Prince, Cardozo said that the Ministry of Justice will hold a “thorough and impartial investigation of the death of indigenous”. Chief Antonio Terena, who lives in the same village in which Muhammad Ali lived, justice, but said that if she does not have “the Terena will seek reconquering the land of the people”.

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