Indians remain camped around school inside the AC

6/5/2013 6:40 pm -updated 6/5/2013 6:41 pm               


Indians remain camped around school inside the AC

Protesters demand that farmers leave their land. Funai Coordinator says that team will be sent to the site Friday.


Francisco Rocha     The G1 BC


Indians built tents next to school (photo: Donicelio Nunes/personal archive)

Indians of Indian tribe Apolima-Arara, of river Amônia, located in the municipality of Marechal Thaumaturgo (AC), continue camped next to a school. They charge quickly in case of eviction from their land and compensation to a group of farmers who were settled by the National Institute of colonization and agrarian reform (Incra), within the indigenous land.

The protest has lasted four days. On Wednesday (5) the school José Augusto in the countryside, 30 minutes by boat from the town, was unoccupied by the Indians and the classes returned to normal. However, built 27 tents beside the school and now await a response from the National Indian Foundation (Funai)

According to the representative office of the municipality of Marechal Thaumaturgo, Donicilio Nunes, farmers also are eager to ensure that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Funai Coordinator in the Southern Cross, Li Nukini, said that until Friday (7) a team will be moving to town to resolve the conflict.

Nukini explained that has not yet been to the site, because it is making the institutional joints with Brasilia and participating in meetings with the Incra and the ICMBio in Cruzeiro do Sul, to reach an agreement on the payment of compensation for farmers and the resettlement of families in another area.

Indians await a response from Funai (photo: Donicelio Nunes/personal archive)



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