Justice Minister confirms that possibility will be discussed to pay landowners for land so they leave traditional territories in Mato Grosso do Sul

Justice Minister confirms that possibility will be discussed to pay landowners for land so they leave traditional territories in Mato Grosso do Sul

The Minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, confirmed yesterday that the Government will discuss, among other alternatives, the possibility to pay for land owners who have valid titles on indigenous territories so that they leave these areas in Mato Grosso do Sul. Today, the Constitution provides for only the payment of improvements.

The idea starts to gain strength in the Government. On Tuesday (4/6), after a meeting with Munduruku Indians, Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (SGP), Gilberto Carvalho, mentioned that the possibility was being evaluated in the Government.

Partciparam of meeting with the Terena Advocate General, Luís Inácio Adams, the Justice Minister, Eduardo Cardozo, and the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Gilberto Carvalho

Yesterday, before a meeting of Cardozo with 40 Indians terena, the thesis was defended by the Secretary of Social Articulation of the SGP, Paulo Maldos. For him, Government and judiciary could discuss a formula that allows for a “financial compensation” to farmers for their land without injuring the Constitution.

“We would have to identify the types of securities, who granted, when, how. Of course this has to be a process of identification of titles, their validity and legal soundness. But if it was the State that granted, the treatment must be absolutely different from that of the attacker of indigenous land, in bad faith, which entered the area knowing that indigenous era and without any title, “argued Maldos.

He recalled that the Mato Grosso do Sul has created a fund to finance the purchase of land for the Indians and that he could receive State resources private, federal, and international.

After meeting with the Terena, Cardozo also announced that it will propose that be created, in 15 days, a forum to discuss solutions to the conflict by indigenous lands in Mato Grosso do Sul. The Terena agreed to participate.

Will be invited to join the group, as well as representatives of indigenous people, farmers and the federal Government, members of the public prosecutor’s Office, the State Government and judiciary. The Forum will be discussed the proposal to pay to farmers for land.

On the day 30/5, the Indian Prince Gabriel, 35, was killed on a farm occupied by terena in Sidrolândia (MS). On Tuesday (6/6), a cousin of Muhammad Ali, Rashid Gabriel Alves, 34, was shot in a nearby area. Cardozo assured that death will be determined with the accuracy.

While the Terena met with the Minister of Justice, Munduruku Indians protested in the Plaza of the three powers, against the deployment of dams in the Tapajos


The Terena assessed as positive the creation of the Forum, but expected more concrete measures of the Ministry of Justice. For the indigenous leaders, the Government runs the responsibility to take ahead the demarcations.

“The federal Government is afraid to take some decisions because of the reaction of the other side. For us, there is so much available to the Government in enforcing the law, “criticized Lindomar Terena, the articulation of the indigenous peoples of Brazil (Apib).

At the meeting, Jose Eduardo Cardozo would have said that, to avoid political pressure of rural producers, has been adopting caution in assessing the signature of declaratory orders or the execution of other demarcatórios procedures.

“Since the President Dilma assumed, she received several times the” ruralists “, but so far has not received the Indians. This shows the side that she chose “added Tomori.

He believes that the decision of the Presidential Palace to change the demarcation process, including other organs in the analysis of the processes in addition to the National Indian Foundation (Funai) and the Ministry of Justice, can intensify the conflicts by indigenous lands.

“If the Government continue scrolling, other Indians will be murdered”, warned Gabriel Elisur Terena, Oziel Gabriel’s brother.

The Terena have indicated that they intend to respect the agreement signed with the Government, judiciary and farmers to cease the occupations in the next 15 days, but assured that will not leave the occupied farms and can occupy new areas if the demarcations do not move.

Yesterday, the information circulated in the Ministry of Justice is that indigenous and landless rural workers from other regions of Mato Grosso do Sul and other States would be going to Sidrolândia to support occupations of Terena.


Yesterday, also in Brasilia, 140 Munduruku Indians protested in front of the presidential palace against the deployment of hydroelectric dams in the basin of the Rio Tapajós, Pará . The Minister Gilberto Carvalho sent them a letter pledging to carry out a consultation on the developments.

The issue led to two occupations of Munduruku on the main construction of the Belo Monte plant in Altamira (PA). On Tuesday (4/6), Carvalho met the Indians to discuss a solution to the imbroglio .

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