Pastor was Evangelical kept indigenous child as a slave in the State of Goiás

Pastor was Evangelical kept indigenous child as a slave in the State of Goiás

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In the old testament of the Bible, in the book of Leviticus, chapter 24 is written: “and as for your slaves, will be the Nations that are around. Them comprareis slaves and slaves (…) And has them by inheritance for your children after you; perpetually the you serve. ” In Goiânia, in the State of Goiás, an evangelical pastor took these words to the letter and kept a child 11 years as indigenous.

The Federal Prosecutor in Goias made the complaint, accusing the religious leader. According to the MP-GO, from May 2009 to November 2010, the girl was forced to housework, with journey. Were not disclosed nor the religious entity, or its name and the temple where he preached. According to the State Prosecutor Daniel de Resende Salgado, the woman subjected the girl to the condition of slavery, for a year and six months, hampering their development.

The girl is from the Xavante ethnic group, the Indian village of San Marcos, in Barra of Herons (MT) moved to Goiânia with the father and the sister to seek medical treatment. On arrival, the family stayed in the House of Indian Health, but the man sought religious and material support, and was appointed to the Church led by Pastor, who offered to get the girl, promising housing and education.

Complaint and investigations-According to the complaint the child was forced to perform housework in casa da pastora. For many hours it was services like cleaning toilets, floors, washing and ironing, washing dishes and cooking, using dangerous instruments for her age, how to iron clothes and kitchen cutting materials. Is that the girl was forced to work even sick, suffered corporal punishment, threats was not paid for his services, in addition to being required to deliver pamphlets to church, at night, in the streets and squares of the city.

The case was discovered when teachers public school where the girl student realized his shy behavior and some bruises. In addition, she could almost never do the activities and homework at home and recorded the fact in the police station of protection to children and adolescents (DPCA), that by identifying federal crime, referred the inquiry to the MPF. According to the Prosecutor of the MP-GO, the suspect has already testified and denied the charges.

The child was heard in the presence of members of the protection Council and National Indian Foundation (Funai) and confirmed the complaint. The girl was returned to her family and returned with his parents to the Mato Grosso in the Central-West at the end of 2011. If the complaint is accepted by the Court, the woman should answer for the crime of “reducing someone to a condition analogous to slavery”, referred to in article 149, of the Penal Code and can catch worth up to 16 years ‘ imprisonment, if convicted.

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