Indians occupy ranches in the region of Buerarema, in the South of Bahia


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Indians occupy ranches in the region of Buerarema, in the South of Bahia

Indigenous people are in at least six farms of Ribeirão da Luzia. Police reported that Indians want Justice give right to the areas.


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At least six farms in the region known as Ribeirão da Luzia, in Buerarema, southern Bahia, were occupied by about 100 Indians tupinambás from the morning of Thursday (6).

The Indians who made the occupation does not want to talk about it, just say they comply with orders of the Chief, which is not in the region.

The Federal Police reported that there is a process of demarcation of land that has not yet been judged, but that the Indians are reportedly considering how to them. The National Indian Foundation (Funai) was sought to give details on the procedures, but no one had been found until the closure of this report.

Occupied land owners say they can’t get closer. “I had 50 boxes of cocoa still to harvest. He said it was not for any heir to enter, that only the administrator could go if he wanted to take something there, but we were not allowed to enter, “says Maria da Conceição, one of the owners of the farm Conjunto Trindade, occupied by Indians.

The Indians are within 200 metres of the farm of farmer Adenilson dos Santos, who fears that the property is occupied. “If you lose here, ready, has no where to go,” says Adenilson dos Santos.

To get to the place where are the Indians we need to go about 8 miles of road. The Indians put a chain to prevent the passage and set up a tent at the entrance of one of the farms. The Indians monitor access to properties with pieces of wood, machetes and even Fireworks.

The Federal Police of Ilhéus reported that some farmers have registered complaints, but that depends on a court decision to take action.

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