LAND and justice!

Could it be ~Brazilian gov officials are admitting their mistake ~that they indeed enticed the land situations ~ and will pay ~ up to the tune of 1 billion to remove the “titled” owners?!

June 9, 2013 4:29 pm
After the meeting with the Terena leaders on the last day of June 6 in Brasilia, the Minstro of Justice Jose Eduardo Cardozo wanted to write a message to be posted on our Facebook page (Terena People resistance). In the video he calls for peace to an agreed solution. But more than peace, the Terena people requires compliance with the laws and the Constitution IE: LAND and justice!

Indians and farmers of Mato Grosso do Sul agree on one point: peace in price to be paid by the federal and State Governments.

In the State where at least 320 Indians were killed in the last ten years, “ruralist” calculated the value for leave the areas: R $ 1 billion for 72 thousand hectares in 65 farms-area equivalent to half of the city of São Paulo.

“It costs half a World Cup Stadium, these second-rate that he [the federal Government] is doing. One of those would solve the issue, “says Francisco Maia, leader of the Association of Breeders of MS and the livestock of the national front.

Only the reform of the Maracana in Rio, it cost $ 1.2 billion. The value would serve as compensation for land and improvements. In Sidrolândia, main area of conflict in MS, a hectare of land with grazing already formed costs up to $ 12,000, according to the consultancy reports on Economics FNP.

Already a hectare of high-productivity agricultural land in the municipality reaches R $ 19 thousand.

In a letter to the Government in 2010, the Prosecutor’s Office in said that MS does not indemnify producers held would be “absolute inconsistency” and “injustice”. Many farmers have land titles, many with agricultural production record since the end of the war of Paraguay (1864-1870). The documents were issued by Governments who wanted to populate the area. “All the lands are legal,” says Macdonald.

To the Cimi (Indigenous Missionary Council), the arm of the Catholic Church, you need an understanding of Governments to indemnify producers. “The federal and State Governments may well find solution to compose the origins of these resources,” says the Executive Secretary of the Cimi, Cleber Buzatto.

The plateau usually evoke the article 231 of the Constitution to say unable to pay for the land. The text says that the Union cannot buy land of traditional occupation of indigenous peoples.

The day before yesterday, the Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo said it will discuss the possibility of buying land: “we will discuss all the issues that are possible from a legal point of view”.

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