“Ruralists” organize national outage

Date: 6/6/2013 source: Valor Econômico-A5

“Ruralists” organize national outage

By Caio Junqueira and Andre Baran | Of Brasilia
The National Congress “ruralist” articulate a national stoppage movement for the next 14 days. The Agriculture Parliamentary Front (FPA) sent a request to that effect to all agriculture federations of States where there are conflicts with indigenous peoples. The “ruralists” alert to the possibility of a civil war involving farmers and Indians in the country and claim that there are economic interests behind the demarcations of Indian areas, in particular related to mining. “What’s on top of these lands is nothing close to what is underneath. Has many interests behind it, a lot, a lot of gold mining region “, a member of FPA and minority leader, Nilson Leitão (PSDB-MT). Ex-Mayor of Sinop (MT), the Toucan leads with other “ruralists” pressure on the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMDB-RN), which is installed the Special Commission of the proposed constitutional amendment (PEC) 215, withdrawing powers of Funai, and the Parliamentary Committee of inquiry (CPI) of Funai. “The PEC is an instrument for good, not evil. Is how to pacify it, if not the productive sector will arm. The Government fears an Indian invasion in Brasilia. Now imagine if they come 100 thousand producers, turns into a civil war, “he said. According to him, virtually no native now lives from fishing and hunting. “It’s all mass of maneuver. The Government gives way for them to do. All the fault of the [Secretary-General of the Presidency] Gilberto Carvalho, who try to form an opinion in Brazil that is an opinion. ” Mr points to expansion of Indian reservations. According to Piglet, 0.4% of the population today is formed by Indians, who occupy 13% of area and aims to reach 25%. Also says that in his State, each Indian family owns about 25 thousand hectares, while each rural seated has 50 hectares. “The Government has no right to transform Brazil into an indigenous nation. Especially in an area that is an agricultural belt. You can’t be a great Indian reservation and at the same time an agricultural power, “said Piglet. The main target of criticism of “ruralist” is the Funai. The Foundation, accused of having a problem management, $ 609 million budget has provided for this year. Is more than double what Funai received in the last five years. Despite the volume of resources, Funai has only 17 employees to take care of environmental licensing related issues of infrastructure projects that are, somehow, indigenous lands. In all, the Foundation has the environmental licensing processes 2,958 in general coordination process. Funai has 2,529 people occupying actual positions. The other 408 are commissioned (without linking) and 37 are temporary. There are 264 outsourced. In all, the Foundation has more than 3.3 thousand employees distributed in 37 regional coordination, which are administered from Brasilia. For him, many Ngos receive funds from Funai and do not pay accounts.

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