Guajajara Indians make demonstration against the situation of health centers

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Guajajara Indians make demonstration against the situation of health centers

In the village health center is Januária, abandonment. In one of the rooms there’s even an x-ray apparatus without use.


The G1 MA, with information from TV Mirante


Indians of the guajajara of Vale do Pindaré complain of the precarious situation in which they are the health centers in the villages. To draw attention of the authorities, they did a demonstration.
Of painted faces, they gathered to draw attention of the authorities in the reserve in Bom Jardim. “We got to this point because, as we can observe, the indigenous health is precarious because of lack of medicines and assistance. We want to draw the attention of the general coordination of indigenous health, “explained the Chief of the village Tabocal, P Guajajara.   The songs during the mobilization, resembled a cry for help. “Health is very behind in all the villages of the indigenous area Pindaré. So far we have no response from the Government and of Funasa, “said Daniel Viana Guajajara, the village chieftain Piçarra.
At the village health Januária, the room where should work the dental office is part of the ceiling fell and damaged equipment. There is an infestation of bats. In the emergency room, no medicines. The cabinets are virtually empty. In one of the rooms, several devices are abandoned for more than two years. On the site, until an x-ray is forgotten.
“Our Indians are dying for lack of medicine, vehicles, forcing us to make criminal actions by rebellion with the indifference,” said José Carlos Campos Guajajara, the village chieftain Januária.

The report came in contact with the National Health Foundation (Funasa) and was informed that now who is responsible for health in the villages is the Secretariat of indigenous health, organ created by the Federal Government, but in none of the two telephones provided by Funasa links were met.


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