Minister Gilberto Carvalho refuses to receive indigenous; in the Funai, Group evaluates Government stance in the House

Minister Gilberto Carvalho refuses to receive indigenous; in the Funai, Group evaluates Government stance in the House

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The indigenous Xingu rivers 145, Tapajós and Teles Pires, in Pará, are gathered in house at the headquarters of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), in Brasilia (DF). The Group assesses the position of Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Gilberto Carvalho, who on the morning of Monday, 10, has denied meeting with the Indians. Instead of the Prime Minister, who received the natives were army soldiers and aides.

“Said they would receive a Commission of ten, but we will not be parted. The Government does not want to understand this, respect our way. Know that we parted. By this approach, the Minister breaks the agreements and so it is difficult to talk, “said Jairo Saw, Advisor to Chief Munduruku General. For the leaders, aides de Carvalho said he could only serve them up to the 11:15.

The natives, even without being received, protocolaram in SGPR the document that would deliver to the Minister at hand-read the full text here. In the letter, the native peer-to-peer report the areas affected by the hydroelectric project in the rivers Tapajós and Teles Pires-why the Group has held in the month of may, for 17 days on two occasions, the main construction of the Belo Monte hydro-electric power station works. One of the places hit is the Sete Quedas Waterfall, sacred to the Kayabi, Munduruku and Apiaka, which will be flooded by the power plant being built in the Teles Pires.

“The Sete quedas waterfall (Paribixexe): is a beautiful waterfall containing seven falls from a ladder format. Is the place where the dead are living, the sky of the dead, that is, the world of the living, the realm of the dead. It is a sacred place for the Kayabi, Munduruku and Apiakás, where also the fish procreate and several species and all sizes, where there is the mother of fish. On the walls are the cave paintings left by Muraycoko (father of writing), the writing left to the Munduruku through written surabudodot, for a long time (sic), “says passage of the Charter.

For Valdemir, the Munduruku Oak Minister demonstrates the attitudes presented the form of dialog that you want to keep: “Here, their homes, receive with the army and the police and do not let us enter. In our House, send the army and the police to enter. This is not dialogue. It is as if we were enemies “. Josiah Munduruku recalls that at the meeting last Tuesday, 4, the Minister said that the dams will leave, because this is a decision of Government: “wonder: browsing is that they want to do? Is not consultation when they (Government) take a decision without back. What can leave query so? “asks.

For now, there is no prediction of return of indigenous to the Stop, because the federal Government has not yet defined the air transport.

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