Indigenous peoples seek dialogue with the Government in defense of rights, but are silent

Indigenous peoples seek dialogue with the Government in defense of rights, but are silent


June 11, 2013-18:00 — Marcelo

To the press, the Minister Gilberto Carvalho said that if the group does not vacate the Funai, the Government will request for repossession



Renato Santana and Ruy Sposati

Brasilia (DF)

Photos Antonio Cruz/ABr

A week after arriving in Brasilia from occupation to the construction site of the Belo Monte HYDROELECTRIC PLANT, in Pará, Munduruku, Xipaia Indígena Kayapó Arara walked and, on Tuesday, 11, of the headquarters of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), where they keep occupation, until the Esplanade of Ministries in search of partner to their troubles and claims. Found silence and starvation.

To the press, the Minister Gilberto Carvalho, of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, reported that the return of the natives to Stop is scheduled for this Wednesday, 12, but said that if the group does not vacate the Funai, the Government will request for repossession. However, not guaranteed hosting for the Indians until the landing of aircraft.

“What the Government does is irresponsible. We are seeing what they want and we will communicate in the villages. If we do not receive the Government there in the community, they will put up National strength “, points out Valdenir Munduruku. During the month of may, the same Indians occupied twice the main construction of the Belo Monte plant against the hydropower projects in the Amazon. The last occupation ended with the advent of them to Brasilia, a week ago, seeking dialogue.

In search of otherness in this dialogue, the natives believe that the Presidential Palace is insensitive to their issues. The governing insist enterprises and intend to organize a query, without the right to veto and stoppage of the studies and construction sites, ensuring the project. On Monday, 10 Oak Minister refused to receive the natives; forwarded to Funai, waited in the morning until the end of yesterday afternoon to get the news that the interim President could not receive them.


Such a situation of marginalization of indigenous tariff followed on Tuesday. In front of the Ministry of mines and energy (MME), security guards prevented the entry of indigenous building and aides tried to soften the effects of killings as the Adenilson Kirixi Munduruku, present in photo when his body was taken from the waters of the Teles Pires in November last year.

Symbolizing the death of the peoples of the Xingu, Tapajós rivers and Teles Pires, the Indians laid in front of the MME and white spray the outline of their bodies was drawn on the asphalt. Crime scene. It was noon and lunch didn’t come. Hungry, the group went to the Supreme Court (STF) in search of an audience with President Joaquim Barbosa. More security guards and aides.

“What is here?” asked Vicente Munduruku pointing at the imposing building. The second oldest of his people, Chief of the village Sai Cinza, Vicente received the reply: “it’s the greatest judges in the country, that define everything”. The look of the cacique rested on the imposing building and a murmur can be heard: “why do nothing?”. Without lunch and transportation back to Funai, under the effects of heat and Sun, the Indians went to the Ministry of Justice in search of food and minimal logistics. No responses, followed back walk to the indigenous body, about two miles away.

“Funai should protect and help the Indians, but does not do so. We stayed in Brasilia until now, but we will from the Government to do things right. Lie and manipulate. Say that we are not bandits and attend meetings. What we want is our village, our home, our peace. We do not want to stay here, we do not want this so that the white handles things, “fumed Valdenir Munduruku.


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