Tupinambá Indios Serra do Padeiro resume ten farms in the South of Bahia

Tupinambá Indios Serra do Padeiro resume ten farms in the South of Bahia

June 14, 2013-12:07  

Decision to resume at this point, was in support of the Terena, says leadership.

Ten farms incident were taken over by the Indian people of Baker, municipality of Buerarema, South of Bahia, since last weekend.


According to the indigenous leadership, conflict and did not occur in the farms were just families, who lived in squalor.

“These lands were taken and we had to make the programming resumed, but we decided to anticipate to give a response to what they are doing with the Terena people of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The struggle of the Indians is one “, says cacique Babau Tupinambá (pictured). As the cacique are farms totaling about 500 hectares.

In accounting for indigenous people, there are only five farms, also incidents on and demarcations, to reach the other two areas resumed: Santa Rosa and Unacau. For leaders, one thing is certain: the reclaimed land area by Tupinambá was subdivided between major landowners in the region.

Among the ten farms were, St. Mark’s  2, of 48 hectares, whose owner was José Ferreira (Zé Fernando), the Conjunto Trindade, 390 hectares, Pedro Marques de Sá, in addition to the Santa Rosa, 198 hecatres, Pedro Oliveira (Pepeu), Bela Vista, 61 hecatres, Jorge Ribeiro (Dr. Cat).

The leaders inform the owner of the farm taken up called Boa Vista, 38 acres, was not identified.

Cacique Babau points out that in the areas taken over the climate is calm, unlike the informed by local press. “I read and watched news of the shooting, people injured and killed. Do not have anything like that, both of them (farmers) as ours. Always try to criminalize us, but never prove anything “, stresses the cacique.

Cacique Babau focus what is shameful, but real deforestation in riparian forests of the farms, and that it is essential to the preservation of fauna and flora: “Preserve to have and be able to eat without ravaging keeping the balance. The area, intersected by mountains, is vital to the social and cultural involvement of Tupinambá: “we know every piece of it, where each saw will give,” says Babau.

Formed mainly by young people, the group that held the resumed found an elderly couple living in eight hectares of land. Forwarded to the town, the natives claim that the elderly will return home once the situation in the areas for full security.


with information from the Cimi


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