Indigenous writers gather in the river and show the cultural diversity of its people

Indigenous writers gather in the river and show the cultural diversity of its people

6/12/2013-9:41 pm

Cristina Indio do Brasil   Brazil Agency reporter

Rio de Janeiro-Writers of various indigenous peoples, among them Xavanti, Kaingang, Munduruku and Guarani people gathered today (12), in Rio de Janeiro, to attend the 10th meeting of Indigenous writers and artists. They used the Sul América Convention Center Auditorium, in the Cidade Nova, downtown Rio, for a moment of exchange of information and demonstration of the culture of each people.

In addition to the reading of texts of books published, they could pass for the participants of the meeting the various forms of body painting, which varies according to the indigenous people, sex or cause for celebration. Between the Indians, the writer, a lawyer and the first India master of laws, Fernanda Kaingang  people, qualified the meeting as a historic event. “It is an opportunity to engage the multiculturalism of Brazil in verse and prose, song and dance, very rich in Brazilian literature,” he said.

She pointed out that in the books it publishes search pass the kaingang people culture, which, to the writer, is a brave warrior, and people who survived. “For a long time had the strength of teenagers to paint, children didn’t want to come out on September 7 [commemorative date of independence of Brazil] painted. So, this project is the result of a turnaround. They reproduce the designs in clothing and body painting and parade with pride saying I am, “stated Kaingang people.

For Cristino Wapichana, organizer of the event, ten years after the seminar has gained another dimension and is more mature and this makes the publications are at best. “This tenth meeting is a landmark because, in nine years, we work with a core of indigenous writers. As a nucleus have more difficulties to raise funds, we decided to create an Association of Indigenous Writers, “he explained.

Daniel Mundukuru, director-president of Instituto Uka-House of Ancestral Knowledge, doctor of education from the University of São Paulo (USP) and creator of the meeting, said that the ten years coordinating the seminar represented a very large learning. “We had to learn many things and was noticing the importance of working with editorial quality for which the book is a work of art, much more than an object. Over time, I realized that it was possible to reach a deep level to offer the Brazilian society a new look for the indigenous people, “he said. Daniel is the author of 47 books of Indian literature.


  Daniel Mundukuru

Editing: Aécio Amado

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