Mundurukus return to the Para on Thursday

Mundurukus return to the Para on Thursday

June 13, 2013-12:39

Lunae Parracho


Leaders promise to keep the fight against the construction of hydroelectric dams in the Amazon.

After more than a week of meetings and protests, the Munduruku ethnic Indians return to Para  on Thursday, 13.

They arrived in Brasilia on Tuesday, 4, to a meeting with the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Republic, Minister Gilberto Carvalho  but, in the opinion of the leadership Valdenir Munduruku, do not take home a positive response from the Government.

“Although we do not take a positive response to our community, we take rather a reply, that is positioning the Government has made it clear to us that, whether or not, they will build these dams so we will go there (Para) to strengthen and prepare in the movements and in the formation of Alliance with other people so that together we can face these projects that will impact us,” said Valdenir.

The Munduruku promise to maintain the fight to stop the works of hydroelectric plants in the Amazon and maintain a posture firm in relation to the Government, as Valdenir explained, “in the same manner as they are not in getting here we also won’t receive them there because if they wanted dialogue they would have received us here, we would have gone in all ministries that wanted to go and up at the Presidential Palace but everywhere we went they (Government) put police barriers. So this is how we will do when they arrive in our region “.

Before leaving Brasilia, a Committee of ten indigenous intends to meet with the President of the Supreme Court, the Minister Joaquim Barbosa. Among the issues that the Group wants to address are, the stoppage of the works of hydroelectric plants and the regulation of prior consultation to the indigenous peoples.


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