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Rio de Janeiro 17/06/2013 100.000 Manifest Against Corruption !

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Protesters arrive at Cinelândia without incident and sing the national anthem

6/17/2013-7:46 pm

Vladimir Platonow Brazil Agency reporter

Rio de Janeiro-the March that brings together students and workers against the price increase in bus tickets and spending made with the infrastructure for the World Cup and the Olympics arrived at Cinelandia, traditional area of political demonstrations in downtown Rio. The protesters occupied more than ten blocks from Avenida Rio Branco. With this, the traffic in the center of Rio de Janeiro was completely gridlocked. They extended a large flag of Brazil in escadia of the Theatro Municipal and sing the national anthem.

With slogans such as “the River will stop, if the city does not download” and “Copa I open, I want more money to health and education”, the students ask for the reduction in the price of bus fare, which recently rose $ 2.75 to $ 2.95, and more investments in the social area.

Among the demonstrators, including foreign tourists, as the French architect Stephanie, who lives in Paris. “Is the best thing that can happen to the river. It is very important for students to go to the streets to claim their rights. In France, and other countries as well. “

Others called for the good humor as a form of protest, as Wagner Garcia harvest. “We got tired of being dumb, weight load on the back. It is not only because of 20 cents, for everything that is happening. The great games are sinking our city and destroying our health “

The educator Angela Barban Moreli, also questioned the policy to give priority to the major events. “It’s very important that people come out to the streets, to express and assert their rights. Our city is being renovated without that we be aware of the truth of what is happening. The population has no notion of the injustices being committed with the removals. “

Some demonstrators carrying flowers, such as the journalism student Jorge Alberto de Oliveira, spoke of the importance of peace. “The March has much the spirit of peace. Does not come with the sense of violence. The idea is to build new perspectives. “


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Protesters occupy ramp and Congressional Summit

6/17/2013-08:02 pm

Marcelo Brandão * Brazil Agency reporter

Brasília-A part of the protesters occupying the National Congress and one of the cupolas (on the roof) of the building. The military police is tracking the movement of protest. Some protesters are leaving the ramp.

Another group of the event remains on the lawn in front of the Congress asking the other to stop the building. The police are positioned in row, in front of one of the entrances to the seat of Legilativo to prevent the arrival of the demonstrators.

Two people have been arrested sooner, to circumvent the lock made by police, police said.

The student Wellington Fontenelle, one of the organizers of the protest, said that the intention of the demonstration is not invade the Legislative seat and stay concentrated only on the lawn in front of the Congress. He said that although the move does not represent the group that occupies the ramp and the dome. The protest was organised by social networks, mainly by Facebook.

The protest has various demands, as investment in education, health, free pass on public transport and criticize public spending in the works of the confederations and world cups (2014). The demonstration occurs simultaneously in several other cities in the country, as in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Christmas, Belém, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis.

With posters, banners and flags of the country, the protest began at 5:0 pm, at the Museum of the Republic, at the beginning of the Esplanade of the ministries, in the federal capital. During the walk, more people were joining the rally, he held all the tracks from via.

* Collaborated Mariana Jungmann

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Protesters enter the Chamber building in Rio

6/17/2013-10:42 pm

Vladimir Platonow Brazil Agency reporter

Rio de Janeiro-the Tiradentes Palace, seat of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro was invaded recently by a group of protesters who focus in front of the building, on the first of March, in downtown Rio. They entered through a side window.

At the same time, another group put fire in another car. The vehicle was in the parking lot located at the bottom of the building. The protesters also set fire, using rest of furniture taken from bank branches depredadas, in one of the side doors of the Tiradentes Palace.

Military police only use gas bombs to try to disperse the demonstrators.

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Shooting injures protester in front of the Tiradentes Palace in Rio

6/17/2013-10:58 pm

Vladimir Platonow Brazil Agency reporter

Rio de Janeiro-a young man who participated in the demonstration in front of the Tiradentes Palace, seat of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, was shot earlier. The shot struck the arm of the boy who was immediately rescued by other protesters. He was taken to a remote area of the demonstration which was attended by doctors and medical students who were in place.

After receiving first aid, the young man, whose name was not released, was taken to a nearby hospital conscious. No one has been able to tell from where departed the shot that wounded the boy.

The protesters remain in front of the Tiradentes Palace. They put fire in one of the side doors and set fire to a car parked at the rear of the building.


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Protesters make bonfire in front of the Chamber with furniture and equipment of bank branches depredadas

6/17/2013-10:30 pm

Vladimir Platonow Brazil Agency reporter

Rio de Janeiro-Protesters made a bonfire in front of the building of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Chamber). They used furniture such as chairs and cabinets, and electronic equipment branches raided during the protest. Virtually all agencies near the building had broken Windows and ATMs.

The demonstration began peacefully in Candelaria and followed in March by the Cinelândia without registering. From there, a group went to the region of the Legislative Council. Protesters trying to enter the building, but encounter difficulties because of the iron railings at the entrance.

At the moment, there are practically no military police in front of the Chamber. The protesters remain concentrated at the site.

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Protesters begin to leave protest in Congress

6/17/2013-10:58 pm

Mark Charlton Brazil Agency reporter

Brasilia–some protesters are already leaving the protest in Congress. The traffic on the Esplanade of the ministries being released gradually. The demonstration began at 5:0 pm, at the Museum of the Republic and went toward the Legislative seat. Part of the Group of demonstrators climbed up on the marquee of the Congress and also held the on-ramp to the building.

The demonstration in the federal capital occurred simultaneously to other cities in the country, as in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. With the motto “are not only 0.20 cents”, in addition to position itself against the price of public transport, the protests criticize the conduct of Brazilian politics, corruption, public works spending for the Confederations Cup and World Cup 2014.

Organized through social networks, the protest attracted students, as the Israel University Aires, 26 years. According to him, are students of “tribe”. Accompanied by friends Felipe Lima, 21 years, and Gabriel Henry, a student of social sciences, 18 years, Israel condemned possible acts of vandalism during the demonstration. According to him, “these people have nothing to do with the move.

Some protesters carried posters with the words “more love” to say that the movement was the Pacific. Israel said that, in social networks, the protesters were told to avoid confrontation with the police and vandalism of public assets. It was recommended to use chapeús and surgical masks to protect themselves from tear gas and pepper spray in case of confrontation with the police.

The protest was dubbed the March of vinegar, in reference to the journalist of the magazine Carta Capital, which was held in São Paulo, in protest last week, because it carried a bottle of vinegar. The journalist, as well as other protesters, said that taking vinegar to protect themselves from tear gas.

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Rises to 20 the number of military police injured by demonstrators in downtown Rio

6/17/2013-11:06 pm

Cristina Indio of Brazil Brazil Agency reporter

Rio de Janeiro-the Security Secretary of Rio de Janeiro just inform the Agency Brazil who rose from five to 20 the number of military police officer wounded after demonstrators began to throw molotov cocktails into the gate of the Imperial Palace and of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Chamber). They also tried to enter the building of the Chamber.

According to the Secretariat, one of the policemen had broken arm after being beaten by a group of protesters. Another was wounded in the head. The 20 injured were rescued at the site and some had to be removed to hospitals of the city. According to the Secretariat, military police are inside the Chamber to ensure the integrity of the building. Around, banks and shops had Windows broken.

The staff of the military police is still gathered by monitoring the situation in downtown Rio. The command is also a scheduling actions that can ensure the return home of people who were at work or in the region where there was conflict. There are still protesters around the House. The Security Secretary, José Mariano Beltrame, also monitors the situation.

There is a forecast statement of the Secretary or of the State Governor, Sérgio Cabral.

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President-in-Office of the House says that lack of leadership makes negotiations with protesters

6/17/2013-11:19 pm

Mariana Jungmann and Chris Lawrence The Agency reporters Brazil

Brasilia-the lack of leadership and staff organized in today’s protest (17) in Brasilia and several cities in the country makes it difficult to negotiate with the authorities. The assessment is the President-in-Office, Mr Andrew Vargas (EN).

“This is a movement that has no leader or set tariff. If it had, would open up a channel of negotiation. The movement is mostly Pacific. Young people want to say something, but we do not identify a point to negotiate, “said Vargas.

Despite the lack of leadership, Mr think important to listen to the voice of the streets and find ways to talk to youth. “The best prevention for the demonstrations is the dialogue. We need to establish a connection with this type of demonstration, developing our relationship format, maybe change the schedule or perhaps bet on an effective dialogue with our youth through social networks, “he said.

Vargas said that the movement was peaceful in most of the time, with small isolated incidents. Said that the guidance is for police to preserve the integrity of the people and the patrimony and wait until the event is finished to dissipate on its own.

“The vast majority do not depredou, the vast majority not invaded the House, the vast majority understand that here is an area of about. Although he said loud and clear that is not satisfied, “concluded Andrew Vargas.

The President-in-Office of the Board met with the Governor of the Federal District, Agnelo Queiroz, for an assessment of police performance. At the time, Vargas is at the Office of the Presidency of the House. He said it will stay in place until the demonstration ends.


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Protesters in Rio leaves trail of destruction in the vicinity of the Chamber

6/17/2013-11:21 pm

Douglas Corrêa Brazil Agency reporter

Rio de Janeiro-a trail of destruction was left by protesters who followed him to the Palace Tiradentes, headquarters of the State Legislative Assembly (Chamber) and streets near the First Street of March.

On the street of the House, at least five bank branches were completely destroyed. The acts of vandalism were not only in the destruction of the glass facades of buildings. One group spray-painted the walls with slogans, ripped off tables and chairs, destroyed the ATMs and still put part of the furniture in the middle of the street.

Several stores were forced open, a car parked on the street the House was completely destroyed, and pichado had dented doors. Several bars and restaurants were forced to close the doors quickly, afraid of depredations.

Some plastic barricades placed by PM in front of the stairs of the Legislative Assembly were swept away by the crowd to the street corner of the House, which is about 100 metres away, and many of them were set on fire. Many dumps were uprooted and plastic bags with trash left by traders for recoil by urban cleaning were placed on the street, where protestors set fire. A roll of black smoke could be seen from afar.

The situation remains tense with protesters standing still in front of the Palace Tiradentes. The shock Battalion of the military police remains in the barracks of Salvador de Sá Street, in the Centre, without being fired. The troop is specialized in end disturbances.

Editing: Fabio Massalli


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