By violence, By law

By violence, Fifa negotiate for selections are in the Confederations Cup

By law, the lack of security guarantees can suspend event.

Italy has already threatened to leave the country.

June 21, 2013 | 01:04
Jamil Chad/Special Envoy-O Estado de s. Paulo


Foto: Wilton Junior/ Estadão


RIO-the protests on the streets of cities require that Fifa will negotiate with selections for remaining in the Confederations Cup. By law, the lack of security guarantees can make the tournament be canceled.

Waite/EstadãoAlguns protests were against the MundoIsso Cup is what is stipulated in the General Law and that allows, if the host country does not signs that has to ensure the safety of delegates and supporters, as well as officials of Fifa, the event can be simply suspended. In this case, a billionaire insurance would be fired.

The State, the Fifa Press Office ensures that the debate on the cancellation of the World Cup did not take place for the time being and that this possibility was not discussed between the entity and the organizers of the competition. The Local Organizing Committee also insisted that, until the final day of meetings Thursday, this possibility has not been placed on the table.

A decision that could change the course of the tournament, however, it would be a statement by the Government that, before the moment experienced by Brazil, there would be how to keep the Organization of the tournament and their safety.

The State revealed in its Thursday Edition that Fifa leaders set up a strategy to try to shield the World Cup. But the events have surpassed the forecasts of leaders who, in recent days, do not misrepresent be lost in relation to what occurs in Brazil.

But pressure is growing on the part of delegations, foreign press and even Fifa officials on the violence. The Italian team have already complained to the authority, concerned about the safety of their players, and want more assurances that they will not be attacked. This Thursday, it was disclosed that Spanish players were stolen in your hotel.
Two cars were still attacked Fifa in Salvador, while the employees were told not to go out more to the streets dressed in uniforms. The selection of Nigeria was also driven to do sightseeing.

The Fifa President, Sepp Blatter, has already left the Brazil. But the Organization insists that it is not an escape, but a trip to accompany the sub20 tournament. The Brazilian Government, however, said he did not know the trip of Blatter and that thought he would fulfill its agenda, scheduled to stay in Brazil until the end of the World Cup.

A possible cancellation of the tournament would represent losses to Brazil and billionaire to Fifa. To cover part of these problems, the entity has a insurance that would compensate millions in dollars in contracts.
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