Left mining organizations gather and guide unit for movement on the streets

Left mining organizations gather and guide unit for movement on the streets

More than 150 people, from various social organizations-unions, parties, social movements, social, pastoral students-gathered late on Friday (21) in Belo Horizonte


Joan Tabor

Belo Horizonte (MG)

More than 150 people, from various social organizations-unions, parties, social movements, social, pastoral students-gathered late on Friday (21) in Belo Horizonte to discuss the ongoing demonstrations in the city and in the country and try to trace forms of joint action. The next demonstration in the city will happen this Saturday (22) and promises to bring together more than 100 thousand people.

“This space is not a substitute for the people’s Assembly, and we will be there as well on Sunday,” explains Bruno Daniel Garcia, a physician and Director of the Union of public servants of Belo Horizonte (Sindibel), which hosted the meeting.

Most people showed optimism with the current situation of the mobilizations in the State capital: “the situation has changed, and changed for the better,” summarizes Vishwanath Andreoli, coordination of the movement of dam affected people and the Popular Referendum Committee for the reduction of tariffs. “This is the time when we need to take a step further in our Organization, because the masses are in dispute”, continues. George’s vision – and most people who have-the mobilizations have guided issues of popular interest and it is for the following organizations in the work of formation and ideological dispute so that the right themes and non-hegemonic media in slogans and in the conduct of proceedings.

One of the elements highlighted as positive for the fights in Belo Horizonte was built unit history for years in Minas Gerais, which was catalyzed by the teachers ‘ strike in 2011. So the issue of education – with demands as the subsalt investment and 10% of GDP, ore royalties and increased salary – was presented as one of the central issues for the joint debate.

But not only that: the rights of LGBT population, of blacks, of the landless, who fight for housing and urban reform, reducing the rate of energy and several other were also raised as old flags-and current-that need to be agitated and publicised. All were within the guidelines of the Popular design, as fundamental to be placed on the streets. The central, at the conclusion of the present, is to organize, politicize, invest in and wear the State Government and City Hall.

Free pass and World Cup

In Belo Horizonte, the first great act – which brought together 8 thousand people – took place on Saturday (day 15), after a match of Act organized by the Popular Committee hit by Cup (Gopac) and solidarity demonstrations in São Paulo, against an increase of passages and by improvements in public transport.

Despite the increase in the State capital have been held on December 29, 2012, the theme was also a catalyst for the protests, and follows on claims. Marcio Lacerda Mayor has announced proposed in the dime rate (the rate was r $ 0.15; the passage went from R $ 2.65 to $ 2.80), but the student organizations are against the proposal. “It’s a little pay what he is proposing. And the Bill it predicts take health resources. We think he has to revoke the last increase of the passages because it was illegal. Belo Horizonte cannot continue favoring the mafia of public transportation, “said Sam Rahman, Vice President of the Brazilian Union of high school students. (check out the full interview below).

Gabi Santos, student and member of Gopac, explains that there was a need to broaden the debate, in public places, and so it was organized a popular Assembly, and another is scheduled for Sunday (23). According to her, the first House themes discussed and decided by guiding free pass, the complaints relating to the World Cup, the PEC 37 and the Statute of the Nasciturno. (check out the full interview below).

The right walks

Kennedy and Gabi are two of the militants who have noticed – and suffered – the right pressures. A student leader’s photo circulating on the internet and had, according to Bundy, more than 2,500 shares, with comments ultra-conservadores. Gabi has been followed and guarded by police officers. But the two-and the other militants present in the plenary session-are optimistic in relation to directions of movement.

Renan Santos, Member of the Popular uprising of youth, believes that the sectors of the right, including the media, came from the very nature of the claims, the popular character. “Seeing that it takes an increasing proportion, supporting society, it is clear that they will try to contest the move. That is what we are trying to do, a week here, “he says. “It is up to us, social movements, left-wing political organizations, it is up to us to enter this firm dispute and resume the movement for popular tariffs, resume the people go to the street to fight for their rights and legitimate needs. This is our challenge now, “he adds.

The “D” Day

Besides the participation in the Act on Saturday and in Sunday’s people’s Assembly, organizations are preparing for the Act of the day 26, next Wednesday, the day of the Confederations Cup game in Belo Horizonte. The Single Union of workers in education of Minas Gerais (Sind-UTE/MG), will strike on the day, and promises to put the base on the street. Other categories are committed with the same. The landless workers Movement (MST), will bring its militants of camps and settlements.

Despite having been rejected by the participants in the demonstrations, left-wing organizations believe that they have a central role to fulfill in the process. “Our entire discussion boils down to fight capital and labor. Then the Union will be positioned on the side of the work, on the side of the population. Then is a discussion of who will get the wealth, a budget dispute. And the unions have to support this, “said Joseph Fernandes de Castro, of the Union of Tax Auditors (Sindifisco/MG). “It stands to reason that we have to have a certain caution to not want to impose the tariff, but add, pass the agenda and the experiences that the US has been accumulating”, he adds.

Youth who dare fight

The Brazil in fact talked with militants of three organizations that have been present in: Gladson Reis, Vice President of the Brazilian Union of high school students, Gabi Santos, the Popular Committee hit by World Cup; and Renan Santos, the Popular uprising of youth.

Check out the interviews.

First interview

Who’s on the street now, who organized, which the current main agenda?

Gladson Kings-These mobilizations have been happening mainly because the youth at that time is increasingly feeling the impact in the pockets of this economic crisis that our country is suffering, the high cost of living, youth service in big cities. In this sense the mobilization that began in São Paulo are economic in character, especially in more picks up the Brazilian youth, which is the public transport. The mobilizations have this character. Who’s on the street is mostly the youth, youth, youth University secondary school, which for a long time, most of it stayed on the sidelines of the mobilizations. Is an untruth to say that there was no fighting in our country. Youth has always been in the streets of Belo Horizonte. A year ago, we conquered the middle passage for all high school students, we present, in massive solidarity to State school teachers ‘ strike. And in the fight for rights, access to culture, access to education. Youth lives occupying the cities.

Are these youth organizations that are calling the acts?

Here in Belo Horizonte have an important juncture, because three years ago created the Popular Committee of hit by the Cup, that’s been doing the convocations of the acts. This was approved in a wide, horizontal Assembly, which was attended by more than 1,000 young people, workers, who participated in and defined the direction of this protest. Mainly to ensure that the riots are not inconsequential and that do not guarantee victories. We think it is essential to use this space at that point where we are now, for the youth get achievements, such as reducing the price of passage. We had a very important victory, which was revoked by the Supreme Court to ban demonstrations in the streets of Belo Horizonte. In this sense the youth will increasingly occupying the city and ensuring their rights.

How is evaluated the proposal of Mayor Marcio Lacerda in reducing in the dime bus fare price? (On December 29, 2012, the bus fare rose from R$2,65 to R $ 2.80).

We are against. Is a little pay what he is proposing. And the Bill it predicts take health resources. We do not think it fair, especially after the last dengue epidemic, take money from health to ensure the profit of entrepreneurs. We think he has to revoke the last increase of the passages because it was illegal and that the city has to make that decision. In Sao Paulo, in Rio and other capitals was repealed the increase and Belo Horizonte cannot continue favoring the mafia of public transportation.

Is there any linkage of the movement by the reduction of the passages between the States?

Currently disjointed, but everywhere there are organized movements, mainly vanguardeados by student bodies, by urban movements as the free pass Movement (MPL) and Ames [Metropolitan Association of high school students of greater Belo Horizonte] here in Belo Horizonte. And several other movements make up this fight.

Why the fare increase at the end of last year is considered illegal?

First, had no justification. The PBH responded to a request of entrepreneurs, and there are more than 20 years we have no audit of the accounts of public transport, to explain why those accounts. We believe it essential to open these worksheets. It is possible to have a reduction of the passage here in Belo Horizonte. Has a lot of mafia, which also funded campaigns, the Mayor, the Governor, City Council. The PBH have to give up their commitments with entrepreneurs and look to the youth and to the population.

And as you have seen the right drive in demonstrations in BH?

The right is doing what they always did. We are experiencing a process of class struggle in our country. And in the class struggle right is organized. What we must not forget-and we need to do including self-is that sectors of the left have to occupy the streets, they have to go back. The unions have to get out of the bureaucracy and go to factory door, student organizations, such as the UNE and the UBES, have to give up integral protection of the federal Government and be more critical in the face of problems. This is how we will deal with the right. The non-partisan speech, this conservative discourse, is not new. Fernando Collor de Mello, when won, used these words: ‘ the flag of Brazil and let the red flag ‘ side. The issue of flags, of our Organization, we cannot give up. Student organizations, youth organisations cannot do this, it is a constitutional right. Our flags are a symbol of popular struggle. Is red because several blood shed for this cause. We cannot let the blood of our brothers who died, our friends, companions, have been in vain. It is very important to occupy the streets. And much of the youth is open. Because the right advocates a elitist policy. We don’t need to be afraid of a new coup. We have to do our work.

You have been one of the victims of threats of this right. What has happened?

I am suffering various threats on the internet. More than 2,500 shares of my photo, with comments from the far right. I think this is an attempt to intimidate. But not intimidating, because there is a leader of this process, there are activists, who are in the fight. May end up with an activist, do away with the other, but the fight will continue.

Second interview

What are the guidelines of the Gopac that are demonstrations nessass consensus?

Gabi-The Gopac has been organising since 2010, with guidelines for the World Cup, of complaint and investigation of irregularities. We have gone to the streets to claim the compulsory withdrawal of the homeless, the agenda of the transport as well. In addition to the diversion of transport works for the World Cup, the city will provide free transportation for those who will attend the World Cup, that is not ours, that we are not going to be us, and restricts a whole area of the city on behalf of a private company, that is the FIFA. That’s absurd, are works that have millions of irregularities, and we have ruled it with more force.

As has been the case, the construction of popular assemblies?

On Saturday, day 15, we had pulled a “Copelada”, which was a naked for everyone. One person proposed a meeting, in this event, for the Act of the free pass that was going to happen later. It turns out that this meeting had a very large impact, and became the first Act, with 8,000 people. We already had another activity scheduled for Monday, so the second Act was drafted along with this activity of the second, it was a day of play. From there we started to realize the need to broaden the debate, in public places, with public convocation in the city for us to try to organize a little the process, try to understand. Because the agendas that have emerged during the manifestations were many. Also for people to understand what was going on, what is Gopac, because pulling that kind of event. From Tuesday we started then to make open meetings to try to discuss the movement of both the free pass, as the actions of the Crown, and other emerging more guidelines that have emerged. In this House came out then, in addition to the guidelines of the free pass and Cup, the question of the PEC and the status of Nasciturno 37. Are emerging more tariffs, which the US has and that are now on the agenda of the upcoming acts.

Do you think these demonstrations and the assemblies can leave a organizational balance, who is participating for the first time can come back?

Can. And this will also depend on how we’re going to drive this process. The people who speak are the older activists, people who have more experience in social activism. We realize that there are many people wanting to participate and that people are lost. We have been sought after by several people, who are still trying to understand the process, the guidelines … And we see a big concern when you start to talk and put the placements. It is up to us now to try to lead this process, which can have a very positive balance for us, or not, depending on how this is happening.

And as you have seen the right drive, the thing of the denial of the parties?

The right has been increasingly appropriate for that speech. Today had news of a complaint that the right is paying people to arrive before in the Act and paint the people of yellow and green, with flag of Brazil and clown nose, which, in my view, is an allusion to Collor’s impeachment process, which can arouse in people as an ‘ out ‘ Dilma. We see this speech by scapegoating of the federal Government of the situation of the country, which is a long time. What is happening now is that things are continued periodically. But I see the right taking this with great desire. We saw Nazis infiltrators on the move, yelling ‘ Anauê ‘ on the square Seven, has the movement of the ‘ out ‘ Party, pulled by people such as the PSDB party. Now there is a dispute to be made. Is a rather unfair, because they have the money to pay people, and we do not have. But we have ideal. So we have to win in ideology.

You also was threatened? What happened?

Yes, I’m threatened. On Tuesday I received a phone call from a friend, who said that a reliable source reported that I and other people of the movement were with phones bugged, wiretapped and mapped social networks. On the way to the bus stop, we were followed by a man. And also at the bus stop. In the divide in two taxis, and the other day, when I went home, I realized I had a civil police stopped across the street. When I opened the door, he took the phone from his pocket and called to someone. In less than a minute, was another man, black vest and green-yellow stripes, which began to observe and pointed to my house. Was a species of signaling: ‘ I know that you live there. Not returned home and then went to the Public Ministry, where did the denunciation of persecution. Today I went again, and then a man photographed the building in which I entered. Also denounced in the Commission on human rights, and are investigating the case.

Third interview

How are you seeing these actions as a potential for dialogue with youth?

Renan-For us that is militant social movement, this is the moment that we always wanted that to happen, the people were to claim their rights Street. Mainly for people of the Levant, it is really cool to see young people on the street. Is what we always wanted, we always encouraged the youth to do, but we live in a time when that wasn’t possible. And now, by the acts in Porto Alegre, São Paulo, with the tariff, the tariff movement – that is popular, which is born of the people-take a national dimension. And this leads to youth Street in entire Brazil and Olympic champions. When massifying, right, the media, sees that it can become a threat. Guided the price decrease of the passage in the big cities is to be against the interest of them. Seeing that it takes an increasing proportion, supporting society, it is clear that they will try to contest the move. That is what we are trying to do, a week here. The media, right, right-wing parties entered heavy to play these people, this youth that are going to the street for the first time. This generation that is on the street now had not done so. So it is natural that they have no political reference, do not have leaders. and right then plays heavy and at this time is gaining. It is up to us, social movements, left-wing political organizations, it is up to us to enter this firm dispute and resume the movement for popular tariffs, resume the people go to the street to fight for their rights and legitimate needs. This is our challenge now.

The Lift is a youth organization present in all States where demonstrations are happening. Has had some relationship between these experiences?

What we’ve seen so far is that there is a consistency in reading in every State, we’re seeing the same phenomena occur in several cities, and we are acting the same way. That is going to be street next to the youth at that time, putting the Popular design guidelines, such as education, decent transportation, questioning the spending. We need to get to the side of the crowd, shaking the tariffs always stirred and trying to take advantage of this moment to advance in achievements.

The uprising has had an acceptance, even with the rejection a few flags of political organizations. How do you come to this?

We are a new motion, we should not be anything to anyone. Other organizations are the best known, it is natural that the right the first attack. But also the attempts to make this dialogue with the population in a different way than the left had been doing. I think that’s right at that moment. The people, the work of the right for decades, does not accept traditional practices, we will say so, on the left. And the Levant, since emerged, attempts to bring new forms, music, agitation, battery, theater, dance, to the street.


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