Saturday, June 22, 2013



As in every weekend to Veja magazine hits the newsstands on Saturday bringing stories and exclusive articles making that necessary contrast to journalism “militant” that had real ideological orgasms as the leftist idiocy wanted to turn Sao Paulo into a square. However, in a surprising turn to the flag of the PT was burned by protesters angry with the presence of Crimson banners that began to emerge showing the true face of the MPL. The fact is that in this Friday the militant journalism withered trunk. There is a real climate of wake in newsrooms, according to comments from “classmates”. It is in this climate that arrives to See to make the lives of Heads of report of jornalões and radio and television stations that will be required to run behind the prejudice, i.e. holes which commonly See applies these phony journalists each week, Lula sent sticks and Zé Dirceu and comuno-Nazi psychotic and former journalist José Falcão. The cover of the magazine, with can be seen, is dedicated to unusual movement that ignites the Brazil and that does arise crowds even in small towns in the interior of the country. The report-the pump could not be more bombastic: “Minister Gilberto Carvalho officials encouraged riots in Brasilia”. Gilberto Carvalho, whom intimates call Gilbertinho, is a species of squid spy inside the Presidential Palace. This man of semblant soturno and retro aspect, always evokes the image of janitor of the sacristy. Assigns to him the mission to establish a bridge between the so-called “social movements” and the PT Government. The beholder Gilbertinho, with his soft-spoken, sees little or almost nothing. No one would dare imagine that the wave of savagery and terrorism that swept Brasilia on Thursday night had the incentive of employees that the Minister Dilma and direct Advisor of Lula, according to the report, See. Still bound to the cover story, another special See reveals who they are and how to act the Vandals. This is important and neglected by most of the mainstream media whose journalists are more anxious to mystify the facts in favor of the PT. Therefore, it pays to buy See, in another edition.
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