Protesters return to the streets by the country this Saturday

São Paulo, protest
22. June 2013 14:57:12.

Live: Protesters return to the streets by the country this Saturday

4:17 pm -two lanes of Avenida Paulista forbidden by the demonstration. They continue in the Masp. The situation is quiet. Around 200 people took part in the Act.

Photo: JF Diorio/Associated Press

04:04 pm -the military police of Minas Gerais have estimates about 100 thousand people the audience participates in new demonstration held on Saturday in Belo Horizonte, the making of the Act the biggest protest ever recorded in the city. In the middle of the afternoon, the group that was ahead of the March already leans heavily on the campus of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), on avenida Presidente Antônio Carlos, while, according to the PM, protesters still left the center of the capital city, about eight miles away. Until shortly before the 4:0 pm there was no record of occurrences in protest.

3:59 pmHappens now in Brasilia the March of Loafers. The protesters are concentrated in a central region of the city and must start the March in a moment. The path was not released by the organizers of the event.

“Feminism never slept, we’re on the streets of Brazil” is one of the cries for the gifts, pronounced in reference to the phrase “the giant wakes up,” used for other events. They are keen to point out that the slutwalk is in the third year in the Federal District.

Other screams are heard: “she doesn’t walk, she parades”, “I just want to be happy, walk quietly in the town where I was born.

Demonstrators protesting against the project of “gay curing”, bought by Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP), President of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. (L Alegretti/Brasília)

3:38 pm -Protesters against the PEC 37 prohibit potentially confusing the Paulista Avenue towards consolation and occupy the will of Masp. Are still around 200 people, according to CET.

Photo: @shiltonroque/reproduction

03:06 pm -In Curitiba, on Saturday morning, a group with about 200 people protested against the PEC 37, which reduces the powers of the public prosecutor’s Office to investigate complaints.

2:52 pm -at least 11 cities have tagged acts against the PEC 37 this weekend. In Sao Paulo, the protest happens this Saturday, 22, from 3:0 pm, in the Masp. The event on Facebook has over 230 thousand people.

In Rio de Janeiro, the demonstration is scheduled for Sunday, 23, at 4:0 pm. The meeting point is the 4 Station, in Copacabana, and more than 35 thousand people confirmed their presence on Facebook.

There are also protests planned in Belo Horizonte, Recife, Maceió, Juiz de Fora, Curitiba, Cuiaba, Porto Velho, Matozinho and Júlio de Castilhos. In Teresina, the Act takes place on Monday, 24, and in Brasilia, on Wednesday, 26.

Called by the demonstrators “PEC of impunity”, the proposed constitutional amendment limits the power of public prosecutors, criminal investigation organ that has autonomy in relation to the Executive, legislative and judicial branches.

The appeal prompted the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMDB-RN), postpone, on Thursday, 20, the vote of the PEC 37, which was scheduled for the day June 26.

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