Munduruku VICTORY!


We resist-and we have achieved a first win!

In that instant, in the public square in Jacareacanga, after we kicked out nearly 30 researchers of our territory,

the Advisor to the Funai, Lucia Alberg announced:

“is suspended any study in the region,”

referring to dams in the Tapajos. Claimed to be a message of the Ministers Gilberto Carvalho and Cardozo.

We will collect and monitor-and celebrate.



URGENT!!!!! *** Notice *** we communicate to the authorities of the federal Government that we are releasing the three researchers. Research materials seized-which will provide inputs for the study of Environmental Impact for the Government project for the construction of dams in the Tapajós River and its tributaries will not be returned. We want to strengthen that studies being carried out were not informed to us Munduruku and the community as a whole. So, we consider illegal and unconstitutional by the Government. We demand the immediate annulment of these studies. We decided to release the Munduruku researchers for the Government to review its intransigence of grandiose projects deploy on our territory, which only cause destruction and death.

Will the Government is wanting to conflict, endangering the lives of researchers and their staff? Will the Government will be responsible for this?

All we want is that our Rights be respected. If the Government does not respect, we will continue defending our own life.

We are Ipereg ‘ Munduruku auy. Respect our rights!

Jacareacanga, Pará, June 23, 2013

Statement by the spokesperson of the General Chief of the Munduruku people Over a Government with the Munduruku farce. During our occupation in the work of Belo Monte Constructor Consortium in the Xingu River basin. The munduruku sent a note to Minister Gilberto Carvalho, asking for the suspension and interruption of studies and research on indigenous lands while there was the settlement of prior consultation. Given this, we see that the Government is not complying with its obligation and it is disregarding and violating human rights, the Munduruku rights. Studies are being done without first consulting the communities bordering, fishermen and civil society generally.
The researchers were discovered by the munduruku by conscience and to realize that were already more than two months in the town of Jacareacanga doing studies for construction of dam on the rio tapajós. According to the information, the researchers are already in the fourth stage of the study, already in the final stages and expected to submit the final report of the EIA-RIMA in the month of November.  The Mundurukus have mobilized and surprised the researchers.  And the three researchers after being caught were brought to the village of Boca do Rio and this morning troops were brought to the city of Jacareacanga.  And keep them in the main square with research materials and await the arrival of the onsite Coordinator.

Our claim is: to suspend all studies in our rivers;

The Government respects our constitutional rights;

To stop wanting to build dams on the rivers Tapajós and tributaries;

We ask in the name of the movement: we are “Mundurukuyu ipereg ‘ ayu,” respect our rights!

Jairo-Chief Adviser,

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