Under pressure, Government suspends study of dams on the River Tapajós

 Munduruku Victory

Under pressure, Government suspends study of dams on the River Tapajós

Pressed by two months of confrontation and Munduruku Indians ‘ resistance, the federal Government suspended the Tapajós River region for the construction of dams. The announcement was made during a meeting in a public square in the late afternoon of Sunday, 23, (June 23, 2013) in the far west of Pará Jacareacanga,. The researchers who were in indigenous area left the city.
“Funai and the federal Government as a whole is suspending any research that is being done here in your region,” said the Advisor to the President of the National Indian Foundation Lucia Alberg, despite Minister Gilberto Carvalho have publicly announced that it would not suspend works or studies.
“We are feeling very happy”, the head of the Munduruku Paygomuyatpu warriors. “She still did not give us any proof of this, we are waiting for proof, but we are very pleased with what she said”. In May and June, the Munduruku Indians conducted a multitude of actions requiring the suspension of works and studies of dams on the rivers Tapajós and Teles Pires, where live 13 thousand Munduruku people.
In May, after a meeting that brought together more than 200 women, chiefs, and warriors, the Munduruku leaders marched through the streets of Jacareacanga and joined other indigenous Tapajós River basin and the Middle Xingu. There were two occupations that paralyzed the works of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant for 17 days, traveled to the capital, where they performed a March, occupied the headquarters of Funai and protests at the Ministry of mines and energy and at the Presidential Palace. Last Friday, a group of 40 warriors drove about 25 researchers from the Project company, providing services of Tapajós study group, a consortium composed of Camargo Correia, GDF Suez and Eletrobras, among others.
In this context, the Munduruku suffered a process of criminalization, defamation and prosecution by the federal Government. Public notes, statements to the press and lawsuits accused the Indians of criminals and Liars, questioning the legitimacy of the Munduruku leaders, who entered with call against criminal statements of Minister Gilberto Carvalho.
“We release the researchers. We don’t want to see them here, “explains Maria Leusa Kabá, leadership. “If they come back, we’ll take the head of researchers. We are warriors. Our ancient warriors are known for being head cutters. We do not forget our past “, reminds Leusa.
“We will continue in our struggle. We don’t want them [studies] are suspended. We want the studies and works to be cancelled. The suspension is a partial victory, “concludes Paygomuyatpu.
By Ruy Sposati, Brasília (DF)
via Agência Raízes
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