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July 3, 2013 – 17:51 – Michelle

Five thousand demonstrators protested massacre in Nova Holanda shantytown that left ten dead on June 24




Leandro Uchoas,

of Rio de Janeiro (RJ)


When more than 5000 people took to the streets of the favela New Holland, they were still stained with blood, and you could still hear sounds and stifling the cries of pain of ten families. On the afternoon of July 2, the expression “State forest, never!” In Complexo da Maré, met the most different sectors of society in Rio. Made it clear that the massacre perpetrated by the Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) on 24 June, which resulted in ten deaths, hurt deep in the soul of Rio, especially in communities that make up the complex.

Almost five thousand people attended the rally in the slum New Holland – Photo: Tomaz Silva / ABr

Protesters shut down one of the lanes of Avenida Brazil, near the footbridge 9. “It is very sad to be here. I am also the mother of victims of violence. Enough police entering the community to kill our children. Enough to bury our families. Enough! “Said Deise Carvalho, Network Communities and Movements against Violence, summing up the general feeling. Actors like Paul Betti, Enrique Diaz and André Ramiro also attended in solidarity. “I wanted to ask God to bless these families,” said Ramiro.

Besides students, intellectuals, artists, representatives of associations, and members of social movements and progressive political parties were present presidents of neighborhood associations of most communities Tide 16. To Osmar Camel, president of the Association of Residents of Morro do Timbau the mareenses should require a “official apology”. Charles Guimarães, Lower the Shoemaker recalled the boy’s death Matheus Rodrigues, in 2008, another disastrous operation of the police. The phrase “until when?” Was heard several times in speeches.

For residents and local leaders, the police action in the Tide had no connection with the completion of the Confederations Cup, which was still disputed at the time. “It would be great that these events occur only every four years. But unfortunately they are recurrent. And we can no longer accept them, “said Jaílson de Souza, who led the act. His NGO, the Favela Observatory, is located at the entrance of New Holland, where the act occurred.

The Human Rights Committee of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB-RJ) was represented by 15 members. “There is no death penalty in Brazil. And the police can not act in a way in the south, and in a different way here in Maré, “summarized André Barros, speaking for the entity. Atila Roque, Amnesty International was also present, reminding that “the security policy should bring peace, not war. It is not reasonable that we still have to live with this kind of police action. ”


Operation of death

The tragic BOPE operation occurred in the early hours of Monday (24). Sergeant Battalion, Ednelson Jerome Silva dos Santos, was killed after a police crackdown trawler that occurred nearby. Then came the BOPE in New Holland, claiming to be seeking to arrest the traffickers who have organized the trawler. Residents claim, however, that the officers went to avenge the death of Sgt.

“It was a terrifying night. The police took 15 minutes for people to get into their homes. Was shot during the night. Just the light in some homes. And as the internet crashed, we could not even make the complaint by Facebook, “said JFA, a resident of New Holland. She was angry with the statement of the police, in their defense, that many of those killed were bandits. “This argument is absurd. Do not kill people because they were out there stealing. People have humanity. Who did the trawler were ‘cracudos’ are sick. That’s extermination policy “, accuses.

The massacre took place in New Netherlands a few days after the violent repression of the massive demonstration Military Police of Rio de Janeiro, June 20, in the city center. The act received that would have been the biggest crackdown on peaceful protests in the city’s history. On occasion, Globo stopped showing novels not to denounce police violence, but many times to repeat the scenes of vandalism in the area of ​​the city. Upon Tide, the station was quite harassed, being expelled at the end.



After the speeches, there was an ecumenical service with prayers and cultural performances by local artists. Many musicians have made presentations as MC Leonardo, leader of the Association of Professionals and Friends of Funk (beatdown). The rapper PH got the support of all his music when he sang: “the villain, the villain, the villain finds the one! The name of the villain is Sérgio Cabral. ” Every moment presents chanted cries like “No, no, do not want Caveirão! I want is money for health and education “and” No more slaughter. Outside PM Assassin “.

After the speeches, there was an ecumenical service with prayers and cultural performances – Photo: Leandro Uchoas

Although the favela New Holland was full of police cars during the demonstration – 120 policemen were deployed – there was no incident of violence. Many protesters reported that police had made lewd acts in defiance. In an interview with Extra, the commander of BOPE, Wilmar Col. René Alonso, said he was not informed of the operation that culminated in his troop deaths. The delegate Rivaldo Barbosa, investigating the episode, does not understand the reason for calling the elite squad after the trawler.

Photo: Tomaz Silva / ABr

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