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Commission discusses with politicians and farmers land demarcation in Amarante (MA)
The Special Commission of demarcation of indigenous lands (215/00 PEC) discusses, on Thursday (9), the feasibility of expansion of the Indigenous Governor, recently located in Amarante (MA).
The debate was proposed by Mr Dagobert (PDTMS). According to him, the region lives in conflict since the National Indian Foundation (Funai) announced its intention to expand the reservean initiative that, according to the Congressman, 76% of the municipality converts in indigenous lands.
In the evaluation of Dagoberto, the measure will affect economically and administratively the municipality which survives from the small farming. In this area, there are 1,193 private properties, mostly with debt in banks, mortgages,” he said.
The expansion of the indigenous land Governor, even as the Congressman, will affect 11 agrarian reform settlements that take up about 20 thousand hectares, with 700 families settled. Funai is leading the process of transparent form, leaving residents scared with the possibility of loss of their land,” says.
Were invited to the public hearing:
the Mayor of Amarante, Adriana Luriko Kamada Ribeiro;
the Director of Settlement and Rural Development at the Institute for colonization and Land of Maranhão, Levi Alves Pine;
the Mayor of Amarante, Antonio Aurélio de Azevedo;
the lawyer of Standing Committee in defense of the owners and Farmers of Amarante, Luis Antônio Nascimento Curi; and
the President of the Permanent Committee in defense of the owners and Farmers of Amarante in Maranhão, Emanuel Oliveira.
The meeting will be held from 10:0, in plenary 11.
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