Parliamentarians Debate about mining in Indigenous lands-Block 1, 2

Dep. Edio Lopes e Dep. Saguas Moraes

Edio Lopes e Ságuas Moraes

The resistance of indigenous leaders and civil society sectors to the approval of the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC 215), which transfers it to the Congress the final say over demarcations of Indian reservations, not only to the creation of new territories, but also to legalize mining on indigenous lands.
This is the theme of this edition of Brazil in Debate, which gets members Edio Lopes (PMDBRR), Rapporteur of the newly established Commission for the exploitation of resources on indigenous lands, and Ságuas Moraes (PTMT), Coordinator of the parliamentary front in support of indigenous peoples.
PresentationFabiana Melo

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