Army does not prevent murder within Tupinambá

Army does not prevent murder within Tupinambá

foto Tupinambá tribe via web

July 1, 2014

Community of Santana, municipality of Islets South of Bahia

This morning came the news that a Tupinambá was killed last night in a Resume which is 40 Km from the Centre of ilheus. The leaders tried to get in touch with some indigenous there, but cell phones called were outside the area of the sign, which has made it difficult for confirmation of the crime.

Around 10:00, some leaders who were in Olivença climbed mountains, in search of news. Arriving at the House (within the Resumption) of “Antony Pretinho”, 60 years , the doors were open and your dog was scared in front of the House, the leaders gave  back and found the body of the Tupinambá, shot for shot. It is believed that head shots were the ones that took the lives of the Warrior Tupinambá, shot at close range, without a chance to defend himself.

Witnesses said that days before he found with the farmer, named José Araújo, known as Aguilar. In conversation the farmer said that the judge had authorized that the same was resumed to harvest the cocoa mature and that he would send some men to do the job. It turns out that the same was reported in the last hearing and it is not true that the judge had given such permission. As always, the farmer uses false information to oppress indigenous.

The army is still in the region, but “are coercing only the Indians,” complains one of the leaders. “Arrive in our communities with heavy weapons, give the order to stop and search everything, even our purchases are thrown on the floor,” continues the leadership outraged. There are several reports of arbitrariness of the soldiers of the National Army and Force against the indigenous population, but do nothing to prevent the “pistolagem” promoted by the “colonels” of Ilhéus.

The army is not preventing the murders of the Tupinambá. The attacks on communities resumed happen routinely and every day more gunmen are reclutados.

While not leaving the demarcation of Territory the killings will continue, every day without signing the homologation of the territory Tupinambá, increases the blood on the hands of Dilma.

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