July 9 2015

photo CIMI

The Special Commission that transfers to the Legislature the power to the demarcation of indigenous lands held a public hearing to discuss the expansion of reserves in Amarante, interior of Maranhão.
Parliamentarians allied base argue that the Board study the Senate another proposal, which extends the possibilities of compensation for farmers.
The journalist Luiz Gustavo Xavier followed the discussions in the Special Commission and has details about the subject.
Parliamentarians and guests questioned on Thursday (09) the expansion of the Indigenous Governor Indian reservation located in the municipality of Amarante, in Maranhão. The debate was proposed by Mr Dagobert, PDT of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the Special Commission to debate the PEC that changes the power of the Executive to Congress in cases of demarcation of indigenous lands. The Indigenous Governor occupies 54% of the municipality. Are 408 thousand hectares. The proposal is to convert other 49,341 thousand hectares for area demarcation, leading to the municipality to have 76% of their land demarcated. The President of the Commission, Mr Nilson Leitão, PSDB Mato Grosso, criticized the way the Government has handled the withdrawal of rural workers of demarcated lands.
Nilson Leitão: these people cease to be producers today to tomorrow being dumped and become slum dwellers and rural spending on social programs, which have already produced with your own sweat and her own dignity. Lose not only your property, lose their possessions and lose their dignity too. The federal Government has been acting in a way totally inhumane and irresponsible and without commitment to Brazil that you need to ensure the future of Brazilians. We have two victims today: Indians and farmers. Because these conflicts did not exist before.
Mr father John, EN Miner, has proposed that the camera work in conjunction with the Senate, where clears proposal for amendment to the Constitution which provides for compensation to workers who are settled in areas of demarcation of indigenous lands.
Father John: it is a serious problem that requires agility and speed of Government and Parliament. The PEC 215 this against the grain. The PEC 71 that clears the Senate provides for indemnity and does not hurt the rights of indigenous peoples and does justice to the family farmers who have purchased documents. An appeal that we’ve been doing, and what we’re doing dialogue with the Government, and solve the problem, is to authorize the Government to indemnify.
The Rapporteur of the Committee, Rep. Osmar Serraglio, paranaense of the PMDB, reported that the Mayor Eduardo Cunha extended for 20 sessions the deadline for the Commission to finish its work. Chamber radio of Brasilia, Luiz Gustavo Xavier.…/492035-PLENARIO-APROVA…

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