MA-chained in the House Gallery Indigenous claim improvements in education

MAchained in the House Gallery Indigenous claim improvements in education
July 7, 2015, Environmental Racism CombateRacismoAmbiental
Jessica Bader, Agency House

Imagem: Reprodução da Agência Assembleia

Attached to chains, a group formed by 26 Indians tribe Guajajara occupied, on Tuesday morning (7), the Gallery of the House of the Legislative Assembly. The state deputies Wellington course (PPS), Ignatius (EN), Sousa Neto (PTN), Andrea Murad (PMDB) and Adriano Sarney (PV) were on site and heard their claims handling, especially improvements in indigenous education.
In the list of requests the Indians are calling for construction of schools; Hiring Directors, wardens and school lunch ladies; activation of the indigenous Council, following the recommendation of the public prosecutor; continuing training courses for indigenous teachers; training courses for indigenous peoples who have already finished high school; recognition of indigenous schools; ginásio construction; the CAP program in the villages and construction of low-income houses; and the deployment of family agriculture to fight hunger.
Among so many claims, the Guajajara still denounced the disappearance of one of the Indians, occurred last Friday (7), during demonstration in front of the headquarters of the State Government, in the Palace of the Lions.
The Chairman of the Commission on human rights, Mr Joe Ibrahim, reported the complaints to the President of the Legislative Council, Congressman Humberto Coutinho (PDT) that, immediately, if made available to mediate dialogue with the Governor Flávio Dino (PCdoB), in addition to all the guarantees of security, accommodation, food and water to the Indians crowded in the gallery.
It’s not an opposition in this House to oppress the manifestation. We only ask that they have a behavior in order to preserve the public heritage and we are in dialogue with indigenous leaders to try to mediate a dialogue with the Government so so that we can have the agenda of them answered, even if it’s not, but that they establish priorities so that we can move forward and they are met explained Joe Ignatius.
On the disappearance of one of the Indians, Ibrahim said he will contact the FUNAI (National Indian Foundation) to help in the search. We note with the Indians one of his companions were missing from the historical centre of São Luís, in the midst of manifestation. He may have been aimlessly not knowing the city and is missing. But, we’re going to contact FUNAI to view the possibility of sending a server from them to help us in the pursuit of Indian “, clarified.
Wellington, Vice President of the Human Rights Commission, also ensured support in order to contemplate the claims presented. At the end of the plenary session today we were surprised with the peaceful occupation of several Indian indigenous villages of Maranhão. Since you got here already handcuffed in order to remain, but are here peacefully and will not be removed by force. We give that guarantee. We seek to hear their demands and take them to the Government, “he stressed.
Image: reproduction of the Agency House

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