July 14, 2015 autodemarcacaonotapajos leave a comment
the high and medium Tapajós, we’re continuing with the second stage of autodemarcação WUYXI IBUYXIM IKUKAPIPI DAJE KAPAP EYPI.
In five days in the forest, we found six points of autodemarcação and we see traces of destruction, made by thieves invasion of our lands: loggers, palmiteiros and squatters.
On the second day, following the trail of loggers, we find it difficult to feed, were hunting for two days without finding. We know that where there is presence of noise of tractor, chainsaw, and the movement of persons in the hunt branch is extinct, these animals do not support smell human. We’re talking about it because of witness this scene during the autodemarcação.
After we flew through the extension of the loggers, saw a trail, a bridge, which they use to load wood and açaí Palm. We saw the touches of them. This is a road to pull wood and Palm. As we are autodemarcando now, we realize that it is within our area.
We see here the destruction that people are doing in açaizal. Who starts all this are the loggers. They make the extension and the palmiteiros comes after destroying the açaizal. We were preserving for taking the acai berry to our grandchildren, we are seeing that we no longer have much of anything on our land. From here we take the fruit to give the juice to our children and now we are seeing the destruction. We always say that the pariwat (white) is not aware of it.
Why we’re doing the autodemarcação, because the pariwat are destroying the trees, we don’t do to them. Pariwat‘s intention and the federal Government is just destroying it, and Indian‘s intention is to preserve. Why we preserve? Because this heritage was given to us by our Warrior Karosakaybu, the Earth is our mother where we take our survival and where can we live up to our culture.
Daje Eypi Kapap is a sacred place for all the people of Munduruku high or medium Tapajós. We have to preserve our nature, our river, our animals and our fruit, left by Karosakaybu.
We are conducting the autodemarcação to show that this is our land, to which the whites respect our Earth. We want to have autonomy in our land, we want that we, indigenous peoples, can be the tax and protectors of the land as we always have been.
We’re still here on autodemarcação and we don’t know what we’re going to find
July 11, 2015, Sawre Muybu village, Middle Rio Tapajós.

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