Logging has suspended activities by forest management fraud in PA

7/9/2015 12:03updated 7/14/2015 06:01 pm
Logging has suspended activities by forest management fraud in PA
Fines totaling R $ 5,989 million for four performances.
Sanctions occurred in connection with the Operation Genesis, held by Ibama.

Jari company, considered one of the giant Forest of wood export country, was fined $ 5,989 million and had suspended activities by irregularities in forest management recorded during “operation Genesis”, held by the Institute of environment and renewable natural resources (Ibama) in Santarém and region West of Pará, in the month of April. The federal agency has implemented four violation notices to the company on Tuesday (7).
The operation identified that the company purchased the right to exploit and commercialize the wood of two forest management plans, but improperly sold large amounts of credits from forest products Marketing system and transportation of forest products (Sisflora). The operation Gênenis aims to combat the insertion of false credits from forest management plans, although they are legally licensed, during execution, we find failures, frauds in order to circumvent the system Sisflora, which is the competence of the State, and thus circumvent surveillance data, generating fictitious credits in jail, allowing the legalization of wood from protected areas in indigenous lands , said Ibama’s regional manager in Santarém, Silvana Cardins.
According to Ibama, the company issued forest guides from a management plan with invoices issued in the name of another plan. Both the tabs and the invoices were signed by an employee of logging. The environmental agency also identified transactions with companies that did not exist (corporations).
According to Ibama, the company caused environmental damage in an area of permanent preservation, on the banks of the River, Arowana when constructing, AWOL, a ramp for berthing of ferries targeting shipments of wood. The ramp has destroyed an area of 3.5 thousand m ² and silted up the river.
According to Ibama’s Superintendent in para, Hugo Americo, all these facts were enough for the punishment to Jari. The company, in addition to defraud the system, which is already pretty bad, damaged the local environment, showing total disengagement with the riverside communities and with environmental legislation,” said.
According to the Chief of staff of Ibama in para, Leandro Aranha, the environmental damage on the banks of the river concluded in ticketing and onsite activities embargo. Already the Sisflora fraud led to the blocking of the wood marketing activity.
Note Forest of Jari
In a note sent to the G1, the company Forest S/A, Jari group member Jari, explained that, prior to the drawing up of the four violation notices, introduced spontaneously all documents requested by Ibama and always made available for any clarification.
The company noted that Sustainable forest management Project, the object of Ibama, was acquired by the company to third parties and in area outside of its properties. The operation was within the technical standards of low environmental impact and in complete compliance with the applicable laws, the Secretary of State for environment and sustainability (Semes/PA) was informed about any operational problem that may have generated bad information in the Sisflora system, even before the mentioned monitoring.
Jari Group stressed that is against any kind of fraud or any activity developed without proper licensing and promotes the degradation of the environment. In this way, Jari will use Forest legal means to prove the suitability of its operations and set aside the assessments wrongly recorded against the company, based on alleged environmental damage caused by third parties, to cooperate with the authorities whenever requested and never stealing from his duty of sustainable development,” said the company.

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