“We are fighting for our rights guarantee,” says APIB in Indigenous SBPC

We are fighting for our rights guarantee,” says APIB in Indigenous SBPC
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Sonia Bone Gajajara photo via Sonia Bone Gajajara

The lecturer Sonia, articulation of the Guajajara indigenous peoples of Brazil, in the event of the Brazilian society for the progress of science to discuss indigenous issues, SBPC, underscored the demarcation of Indigenous lands and the maintenance of the identity in the struggle for indigenous rights effective in Brazil. The opening happened on the morning of Monday, 13 July, day at Tepee.
Welcoming the present in the language of his people, Sonia said that, today, the point is to ensure the rights of indigenous peoples, conquered throughout history through the mobilisation in the fight for the implementation of these rights. At first, we fight for our rights and guarantee that we can ensure, in the Constitution of 1988, two important articles articles 231 and 232. In a second moment, we organize for the effective fulfilment of these rights. In the last five years, however, the mobilization is to not to lose the acquired rights, which are fully at risk, “said the Indian leader.
She explains that, currently, one of the main struggles of indigenous peoples is the demarcation of lands. We have a way of life that can only be played within a territorial space, protected and free. There‘s our history, ancestry and connection with nature and that is what the Brazilian State and society must respect.
According to Sonia, though legal, is mainly in the political context that the attacks and prejudices are felt. She drew attention to the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC 215) that seeks to transfer Executive power to the National Congress, the demarcation of lands occupied by indigenous people, as well as review the demarcations already made. The latest version of the text argues that every land to be demarcated needs a Bill proposed by a member. But the majority in Congress benches have no interests in this policy, “he points out. According to Sonia, this change would leave the territorial demarcation process even slower, aggravating the non attendance of one of the main demands of the indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples are originating in Brazil and, today, when we have the resumption of these lands, are called ‘ invaders . That controversy is this? “asks Sonia.
Natives and University
Another important struggle, according to Sonia, is the struggle for indigenous peoples ‘ identity, put in check by the pressure to leave their villages. At all times we stifle, pushing the Indians to join the capitalist world. Are several approaches and sieges, as, for example, the idea that we had to leave the tribe to study and work to earn money, “reports.
There are many univerdades who seek to respect this identity, but other forces for the Indians let their identity relationships with its people,” he says. When they leave the University, many Indians earn skills for the labour market, but lose their abilities to fight for his community. It is important to study and work, but you gotta give the return to his people, “concludes.
The first Conference of Indian LAWYERS has ended with the lines of various peoples, indigenous miltantes and academics, who have presented reports of discrimination, genocide, struggles and mobilization, as well as proposals and ideas of strengthening the Organization of indigenous peoples.
The second edition of the SBPC still will feature Indigenous, in the course of the week, with cultural workshops, conferences, round tables and meetings. The programming can be read here on the site.
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