Galdino Pataxo

Galdino Pataxo

Galdino Pataxo was murdered and now the man who served for the crime to become police officer….this is brazil

“Condemned of setting on fire and killing Indian is approved in police competition in DF

Gutemberg Nader Almeida Junior was convicted of having

participated in the murder, on April 20, 1997, when he was 17

years old. He and four friends attacked the Indian who was

sleeping in a bus stop in the center of Brasilia. The man, who lost

his ride home, after a commemoration Day of the Indian, had 95

percent of his body burned and died. 17 years have passed since

the crime that shocked the Country and Gutenberg, now with 34

years, was approved in a contest for Civil Police officer of the

Federal District. The Court of Justice of Brasilia granted an

injunction that ensures the candidate joining the force. The case

has raised controversy.” R7article…see video..…/idm…/53829c930cf26d6e953b2d89.html…


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