‘ Repossessed Times ‘ Guarani Kaiowá reality

Documentary released on Wednesday in the House of Representatives brings Guarani Kaiowá fight by demarcation
July 15, 2015, Environmental Racism CombateRacismoAmbiental

photo via Aty Guasu

Repossessed  Times ‘
will let the public know more about the conflicts that have victimized indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul, targets of paramilitary organizations that extrude from their land.
by Writing RBA
The documentary Repossessed times, which brings the reality of the Guarani Kaiowá in Mato Grosso do Sul, will be launched today (15), in the House of representatives, for the public to have an understanding about the problems experienced by these indigenous communities, targets of paramilitary organizations that extrude from their land in favor of the “ruralistsand farmers.
The film is a result of the report of the Mission of the Commission on human rights and minorities of the Federal Chamber in these indigenous communities. The President of the Commission, Congressman Paulo Pimenta (PTRS), says that the reality of this region, who lives under permanent conflict, affects about 45 thousand Guarani Kaiowá Indians. He also says that there are 90 occupied farms, and 33 areas of conflicts in acute situations. We are seeing a slowness on the part of the process of demarcation of these lands and this situation occurs in the context of the Government itself; the Funai, which has a hard time including structural, occurs within the Executive power of the State and the judiciary. Therefore, in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as in Federal Court, “he said in Marilu interview Cabañas, Brazil Current radio.
According to the Deputy, this delay leads to increased instability and contributes to that conflicts occur so increasingly and more violent. There is a very delicate situation, several indigenous leaders have been killed, there is a sense of impunity and now recently we had two episodes that revealed to society the gravity of the situation and the State of extreme violence to which they are subjected the indigenous leaders and their families who struggle for demarcation, for the resumption of their original lands.
Many people do not understand why the indigenous Guarani Kaiowá and others from various parts of the country are doing resumed of conflict with farmers. Pimenta. says that the expression resumed, which the Guarani Kaiowá use, it is not by chance. In reality, are areas that historically have been gathering traditional Guarani Kaiowá communities and that in an irregular process, including from the point of view of the Constitution, the State withdrew the Indians of these areas, often with the use of force in several opportunities,” he says.
Congressman says there are cases at the time of the Estado Novo, Getúlio Vargas, many cases that have worsened during the period of the dictatorship and those Indians were taken to reserves under the supervision of Funai. The resume means the return to the lands that were confiscated.” Are areas in which many of them have already been made the demarcation, anthropological study, recognition that these areas are effectively traditional of these communities, but there comes a certain moment this process starts to jam.
The Indians have already had recognized their right, the lands have been identified, but they can’t have possession. And when the situation gets to the limit – many of these communities now living in edge of road in situations completely inadequate health, education and security they end up doing the resumption of what the State does not, slow way . In recent times, the conflicts have been raging because the “ruralists, increasingly, resolve not to seek in court his alleged right. And then create paramilitary militias species and expel the Indians of their land.
There is a region very close to the border with Paraguay, then, is the use of vehicles, weapons, including people who are not Brazilian in these operations. Several cases of murder of leaders the bodies were stolen and taken to the Paraguay, so there is a design, so to speak, of loss of presence in the State. And where the action of these paramilitary groups is common. And that leads to the escalation of the conflict. Is that what the Commission is intervening, “said Pimenta.
Recently, in the attack on the camp at Kurussu Ambá, near the municipality of Coronel Sapucaia, 420 km from Campo Grande, two children disappeared and were found days later. This is a typical example of the disproportionate use of force in this relationship between” ruralistsand the indigenous leaders,” said pepper. First of all, the people who expelled the Indians from there are not the owners of the farm. Not even the owner was involved in the operation. One of the people is a tenant of a part of the farm, which attracted other people, that for the sake of ideological nature want to take just because Indians opt for conflict, and not by negotiation but to be done via the law into their own hands.
The Group threatened consisted of ten Indians men, adults, 15 women and 25 children, with about of 60 indigenous. And these indigenous people, the most dangerous resistance instrument they had were hoes, and the other side had 56 trucks, many of them with plates of Paraguay, all of them with people in the back, that was the armed conflict. Are Gunslingers, many Paraguayans, arms of Paraguay, then, is an unequal struggle and absurd from the point of view of disproportion, violence, “says Mr.
He says there was a leak of the Indians toward the Woods, anywhere where they could hide some utensils were broken and burnt, and two children were lost. And were found nearly a week later, 25 kilometers from the scene of the attack, quite weakened, due to that moment of terror. The Indians were four hours submitted to this attack until it appeared the authorities .
As President of the Commission, requested the presence of the national force in the region, which is also marked by conflicts of drug trafficking and arms dealing. Today we have the national force present in Ponta Porã and Corumbá, and what we asked for was that these units were also mobilized to ostensible patrolling in the region, to conflict prevention and preventing the action of these paramilitary groups, which is already occurring. Since the national force was mobilized haven’t had other conflicts.
Several indigenous leaders, however, have been suffering death threats. We have several leaders who receive protection. So, the murders, the attacks are frequent and there is an immense sense of impunity.
Pimenta.says he’s also doing a specific job in the Commission on the issue of health and education. I found a classroom with 43 children without water, without light, without any condition. Has a specific complaint that we’re doing on the conditions of education.
And on the issue of health, the Commission is making the referral to the Court of Auditors, asking for a special accounts about the covenants that exist in that region, as there are entities contracted by the Ministry of health, but they have a presence that leaves much to be desired in the region. Safety, health and education are the three themes that we are working more, “says Pimenta.
All this is the background of the struggle for demarcation. Pimenta was already dealing with the matter with the Minister of Justice, Eduardo Martins Cardozo, Dias Toffoli, Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), with Funai, but what is missing is the political decision to solve the problem. These successive postponements are the result of an omission, shall we say, on the part of the State into the accountability of their tasks are to find a solution and carry it out. The Constitution of 1988 defined a period of five years so that the demarcation process was completed, so we’re late for 20 years. And that omission is unacceptable and this delay on the part of the Government, “he says.

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