The Committee on Constitution and justice and citizenship (CCJ)

7/14/201504:04 pm
CCJ approves project that ends with special commissions to analyze PECs
By the text, the Committee on Constitution and justice and citizenship of the Chamber of deputies will make the analysis of merit of proposals of amendment to the Constitution
The Committee on Constitution and justice and citizenship (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies approved on Tuesday (14) project that gives the CCJ jurisdiction to examine the merits of proposed amendment to the Constitution (PECs). The measure is provided for in a draft resolution (PRC 191/09) of the current mayor, Eduardo Cunha, amending the rules of procedure of the House and terminates the creation of special commissions.
Currently, the CCJ analyzes only the admissibility of PECs. Accomplished this step, a Special Commission is created specifically for an opinion about the content of the proposal, with a term of 40 sessions to present an opinion. Wedge project, the PECs would direct to the plenary of the CCJ‘s Board, to be voted on in two shifts.
Meet the current processing of proposals for amendment to the Constitution
The Rapporteur of this proposal, Mr Esperidião Amin (PPSC), presented a draft to the project. The text provides for the participation of the permanent commissions that have relationship with the topic under discussion. The committees may make suggestions and amendments the Rapporteur of the PEC on CCJthe original design does not provide for such participation.
As the substitute, received the PEC, the CCJ will have five sessions of the plenary to decide on the admissibility of matter. In case of inadmissão, will open five presentation sessions to appeal against the decision and in favor of preliminary examination of the matter by the House. If the PEC is admitted to the CCJ, will open a period of 40 sessions for analysis of merit, with possibility of extension for 20 sessions.
Today, in the Senate, the proceedings already works that way, without special Commission. When passed in the House, the PEC is parsed by the CCJ and then by the plenary.
The PRC 191/09 follows now for analysis of the Presiding Board of the House and then be voted on by the House.
Full proposal:
ReportThyago Marcel
EditMark Rossi
The reproduction of news is authorized provided that contains the signature Camera News Agency
PRC 191/2009 full text
Draft resolution
Identification of proposition
Eduardo Cunha-PMDB/RJ
Alters provisions of resolution No. 17, September 22, 1989rules of procedure of the Chamber of Deputies.
Explanation of the menu
Attaches to the Committee on Constitution and justice and citizenship examination of the merit of the proposed amendment to the ConstitutionPEC, ending with the special committees.
Processing information
Form of Assessment
Proposal Subject to the Plenary
Processing scheme
Current order:
Date Order
6/3/2015 Having been tabled amendments to the draft resolution No. 191/2009, within what is referred to in §1 of art. 216 of the internal regulations of the Chamber of DeputiesRICD, head the matter to the Committee on Constitution and justice and citizenship, in the form of § 2 of the same regimental device. Publish [the PRC UPDATE 191/2009: the CCJC and the Presiding Board. Proposal Subject to the plenary. Processing regime: priority.]
Last Legislative Action
Action Date
7/14/2015 Committee on Constitution and justice and citizenship (CCJC)
Approved the opinion with supplementary Vote. Presented separate votes members
Deputados Alessandro Molon e Marcos Rogério.

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