Contra PEC 215….petition

It is imperative that we stop the Brazilian Congressional body from gaining more power to control indigenous territories. Congress sides with ruralist, mining, and the overall expansion of the PAC. Removing constitutional rights dooms the indigenous population, the PEC 215 encourages oppression.

Please sign and share today…..

Against the PEC 215, which transfers to the National Congress the ability to demarcate indigenous lands, quilombolas and protected areas.
To: President of the Federative Republic of Brazil
This Wednesday (21/3) PEC was approved 215 on Constitution and Justice Committee of the Chamber of deputies in Brasilia.
This proposed constitutional amendment assigns exclusive jurisdiction to the National Congress with regard to the demarcation of indigenous lands, and Maroons.
To take the responsibility of the Executive and pass it to the legislature, the institutions responsible for studies and proposals of demarcations of Indian lands, Quilombola communities and conservation units, respectively Funai, Palmares Cultural Foundation and Chico Mendes Institute for biodiversity conservation (ICMBio), they lose strength. More than that, this proposal represents a huge step backwards as regards protection of the rights of Indians, afro-descentes and the environment in this country, because the resolution of these matters will be subject to economic and political interests of particular groups that are present in the National Congress.
The signatories of this document manifest themselves against approval of the PEC 215.

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