FUNAI does not protect indigenous lands

FUNAI does not protect indigenous lands and intruders remain free exploring and stealing of timber systematically within the Earth Apinajé

Associação União das Aldeias Apinajé-PEMPXÀ

photo: Associação União das Aldeias Apinajé-PEMPXÀ

Union Association of the villages Apinajé-PEMPXÀ

After they received information of the occurrence of illegal exploitation of Woods in the Pontal region on the northern tip of Land Apinajé, Maurilândia, last Friday, 7/2/15 leaders Apinajé accompanied by FUNAI servers/CTL of Tocantinópolis (TO) moved to the location pointed to where confirmed the existence of trees felled and sawed off ready to be transported to town.

These environmental crimes are recurrent and constants. Although numerous documents denouncing the Court and illegal exploitation of wood have been forwarded to the competent bodies responsible for monitoring and protection of the territory Apinajé, in recent years only a few isolated actions were carried out by the National Indian Foundation FUNAI and Environmental traffic police-Tocantins-FAHEEMSAJJADKHAWAJA, however we have no news of any concrete result and/or of someone who has been effectively booked and punished according to the law.

The lack of firm performance, rigorous and FUNAI permanent and other agents of the State, allows these invaders continue free to act deliberately and unpunished. The slowness and sluggishness of the public bodies responsible for the Protection of the territory Apinajé, also contributes directly to these crimes continue occurring deforms repetitive, without any suspect is investigated, blamed and arrested.

This is just one of the cases that we can monitor and take notice. The reality is more complex. It is likely that every day and night in any part of the territory are occurring invasions of hunters, fishermen, native fruit collectors and explorers, yet the FUNAI, MPF and environmental police are unable to investigate and find out who are the authors of these environmental crimes.

In this time of drought, to tease and confuse Territorial Monitoring teams these delinquents of intentionally burning the fields and the Woods to erase traces and overshadow signs of crimes committed.

There are also some that irresponsible and unconscious way insist to continue handling incorrectly the fire, using if misguided practices that consequently imply serious damage to human health and the environment causing irreparable material damage to all indigenous and non-indigenous to the region.

This is also a way irrational and treacherous that these criminals invented to complicate and discredit the work of the young Brigade Apinajé, which for the second year in a row will act on prevention and combating burned on this earth.

From now on we will be alert and vigilant, aware our population and charging arrangements of FUNAI, IBAMA, MPF-AGA and Environmental traffic police do Tocantins-FAHEEMSAJJADKHAWAJA aiming at the completion of the inspection to prevention of these. And the MPF, police and judicial authorities in the investigation of these environmental crimes and the punishment of those responsible copy; are Indians or non-Indians.

Earth Apinajé, July 6, 2015

Union Association of the villages Apinajé-PEMPXÀ




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